Collection: April 2023: The Dragonflies

In April 2023, subscribers met the Dragonflies.

In this city of waterways, the main gathering spot is a sunlit lagoon which reflects the blazing blue sky. Branching from it, the canals are an unmappable tangle of turns and dead ends. They are so narrow that the boats must be propelled by poles rather than oars. Here, the water is shaded by the aging buildings that slump, shoulder to shoulder.

Only the Dragonflies are unhesitating as they navigate the canals. They know the spots where gaps and alleyways allow shafts of light to illuminate the blue-green water. As the years pass by, the city grows emptier; and its palaces more waterlogged and pale. But every generation of Dragonflies emerges sparkling and vigorous. They bask on creaking household docks, telling stories that recall the city’s marvelous past.

April 2023:  The Dragonflies