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Dragonfly Trio - Copper Plant Stakes

Dragonfly Trio - Copper Plant Stakes

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You push your boat through cool shadows, listening to the water lap at the houses' foundations. You turn a corner and see a beam of sunlight beaming upon a mooring. Three drowsing dragonflies wake up to greet you. They guide you back into the shadows, towards a crumbling palace.

    You receive a set of three handmade copper Dragonflies; one is topped with colorful enamel. They are presented on stakes so that you can easily incorporate them into a flower bed, fairy garden, houseplant, or centerpiece. Made by hand in the United States, each Dragonfly is unique. 

    Dragonfly Trio was featured in the Dragonflies Box (April 2023).

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    One of my favorites!

    I’m not sure why I love these so much but I do. They are beautiful and sturdy little things. One of their best features is they are all different colorations. I have them stuck in plant pots around the house and despite the metal, they look very natural. They are sweet little surprises when discovered, and I smile whenever I water my plants.

    Ashley R.
    Perfect For My Indoor Plants

    These are beautiful, high-quality, and perfect accents for my indoor plants!