About Birdmoss

Hello, Dreamer!

Welcome to your story. 

My name is Shannon. I am your liaison with the magical land of Birdmoss and the curator of the Birdmoss Box.  

fig. 1, Shannon


As a scholar of Birdmoss lore, I am very interested in the stories which have foretold your arrival.  Your epic narrative is central to Birdmoss's unfolding history.  I am dedicated to honoring your story by transcribing oral histories, interpreting events through poetry and prose, and collecting the artifacts, treasures, and tools which feature in your adventures.  Your powerful intuition and abilities are recognized and revered in Birdmoss.

Birdmoss itself is a land ruled by natural and magical currents.  In Birdmoss, entities such as doorways, climbing vines, and stones may all be inhabited by spirit and thus, engaged in conversation.  As you explore, you meet aspects of the world such as the Forest, the Foxes, and the Castle.

Each month, I collect a selection of my notes, documentation, and realia in a box and send it to you.  Your story comes to life with real objects.  Just as you use these tools in Birdmoss, you can repurpose them in your life in our world.  Take a look at previous boxes.

fig. 2, The Forest Box


If you're curious about me:  

My mother was a miniaturist.  Working alongside her, I learned about creating worlds full of detail and mystery.  I lived abroad for a lot of my young life, and as a shy daydreamer, often found my best friendships in books.  Later, I went on to a career in higher education as a researcher and administrator.  I've always enjoyed exploring new-to-me places (the exquisite awkward moments!  the discoveries!), and I've traveled and lived in many countries. Recording and sharing Birdmoss's lore brings together many threads for me:  writing, making, working out puzzles, and documenting a detailed world.  My two daughters assist me in this work, just as I worked alongside my own mother.

You can always connect with me at shannon@birdmoss.com.  I am a real person and I read every message.  My goal is to intrigue and enchant you with every box.  I also want to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate your online account and manage your subscription.

I look forward to serving as your liaison.  Start your subscription today to begin your story.

Quick Dreaming,