The Gift of Birdmoss

Hello, Dreamer:

Thank you for considering the gift of Birdmoss.  My goal is to delight you with every single purchase and interaction.  Please reach out to me at with any questions.  I'd love to help you plan the perfect gift for the magical person in your life.

– Shannon, Birdmoss Curator and Liaison


Are you purchasing the Birdmoss Box as a gift?  You have several options:

If you're purchasing a single box to give at a party or under the tree, you can request box-in-box packaging.  Postage and shipping labels will be affixed to the exterior box.

You can also explore handmade journals, self-care rituals, and jewelry, all perfect for gifting.

Gift cards allow your recipient to choose.


After you've found the perfect gift, share the magical news with your gift recipient by printing one of the cards below.

Mysterious Document


Magical Mushrooms