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The Wolves - One-Time Box Purchase

The Wolves - One-Time Box Purchase

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In January 2023, subscribers met the Wolves.

The Wolves are fluent in long-distance languages of scent, smoke, and howls. They run quickly, in formation, impervious to falling temperatures and snow. The young ones view smaller, slower creatures with amused sympathy, asking “Is it cold out?” while bounding past. Their long routes form a network of checkpoints and caches. Every pathway is a logbook.

They write their stories in ash. A tower of smoke can broadcast a message; a plume of soot-based ink can show what lies beyond the horizon. When the Wolves burn a bit of wood, they can parse the resin-laced smoke
and name the origin Tree.

The Wolves Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; hints and additions to expand the story; a mysterious document; and a lore card.  

Some items are available for individual purchase.

  • Mysterious Document
    • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret clues.  It is available only in the Wolves Box.

    • Lore Card
      • The Wolves are introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.  The artwork for this month's lore card was created by Joanna Rzepecka, a Warsaw, Poland-based illustrator. She says, "My work is inspired by biodiversity, mainly animals. Through my work, I'm trying to capture moments where nature is untouched by humans. Peaceful scenery, colors, and rough textures are some things that I enjoy the most."


    • Figure of a Wolf
      • The Wolves use small figures to serve as both trail markers and wards. This one is in the shape of a Wolf, indicating that this crossroads is part of their current route of patrol. The Wolves are nearby. When you touch this figure, they know you have arrived.


    • Bog-Oak
      • A young Wolf walks you into the encampment.  When introduced, you bow before the Seer.  She is laying out various tools to prepare for a search; a child has gone missing.  You examine a block of dark wood.  The seer explains that it is ancient bog-oak salvaged from a peat bog.  The Wolves consider the peat bogs to be the home of the goddess of the underworld, a place where the veil is thin.  The bog-oak is over 6000 years old and facilitates communication with ancestors and spirits.  Use it as a paperweight, add it to your altar, or contemplate it when seeking the answer to a question.


    • Howling Charm
      • The seer passes you a small charm. It will allow you to tune into the nightly howling the Wolves use to relay messages. The Wolves maintain an intricate communication network of scent-marked paths and vocalizations, but starlight howling is their most effective way to transmit urgent bulletins.


    • Alderwood Smoked Salt
      • You receive a vial of sea salt which has been quickened with sacred alderwood smoke. The Wolves use alderwood for its protective and defensive properties. Today they sprinkle the smoked salt over a poppet which represents the lost child. You can incorporate your salt into your cleansing practices; or use it to add a smoky finish to a dish.


    • Smoky Glimpsing Drops
      • You witness the Wolves' arcane water-scrying practice. These murky drops are made with soot and ashes from resinous pine trees. Add one or two drops to a clear glass of water and interpret the swirling images and messages that appear.


    • Wisp of Fur
      • The Seer gives you a small tuft of her own warm fur in a cork-topped vial. It reinforces your connection with the Wolves. She explains how to use it to send her a message.


    • Mysterious Key
      • What does it unlock?

    Bowls and plate pictured in photos is not included.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Denise H.
    Sojourn with the Wolves

    I have always loved wolves. They emanate power, intelligence and loyalty.
    As for The Wolves box, I love it! The artifacts are unique and truly capture the spirit of the story. The wolf figurine is perfect for meditation. The Bog Oak was such a surprise. My husband is a retired cabinetmaker and I have always enjoyed researching wood species. He was very impressed with this specimen. It is said that items made from bog wood take the life energy and force of nature and bring it indoors where we live, work and play. The Howling Necklace was a most welcome addition to my jewelry collection. I used the Alderwood Smoked Salt on my Salmon. It was delicious. I haven’t used my Smoky Glimpsing Drops yet, as I search for a suitable container for scrying. Finally, the wolf fur was a profound connection to my Canis Lupus brothers. Thank you, Shannon, for this magnificent adventure.