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The Toadstools - One-Time Box Purchase

The Toadstools - One-Time Box Purchase

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In September 2023, subscribers met the Toadstools.

The red-capped Toadstools are manifested by lightning. They bubble from the ground after a storm, forming rings that entice passersby. Their scent is irresistible to small creatures such as Moths and Fireflies, who are attracted, intoxicated, and often poisoned by the Toadstools’ aromatic flesh.

Even humans may be lured into the circle by the earthy smell of petrichor, stirred and released by a rainstorm. Only after crossing the threshold does the wanderer sense a change in the air. Those who enter the ring do not always leave. Those who do, speak afterwards, haltingly, of unexpected encounters: strangers with blossoming hair; teapots full of mice; paths made of water and paved with fishes.

The Toadstools Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; hints and additions to expand the story; a mysterious document; and a lore card.  

Some items are available for individual purchase.

  • Mysterious Document
    • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret clues.  It is available only in the Toadstools Box.
    • Lore Card
      • The Toadstools are introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.  The artwork for this month's lore card was created by Joanna Rzepecka, a Warsaw, Poland-based illustrator. She says, "My work is inspired by biodiversity, mainly animals. Through my work, I'm trying to capture moments where nature is untouched by humans. Peaceful scenery, colors, and rough textures are some things that I enjoy the most."
    • Ring Of Toadstools - Temporary Tattoo with Moth and Toadstools
      • You hear the whisper of a Moth and try to make out her message. Attempting to follow her noiselessly, your thoughts are occupied by her fluttering path and the crackling twigs underfoot. When you catch up to her and pause, you realize that you are now in a place where Twilight is falling.
    • Paracress Flowers - Buzz Button Garnish
      • The Strange Dancers take you by the hand and spin you through a ballroom. Waiters bear small boxes on silver trays. Your partner opens one to show you bright yellow blossoms within. The rarest flowers in Birdmoss, they are valued by the Foxes because of their enlightening properties. You chew a pinch of their petals, then gasp at tastes and sensations you’ve never experienced before. Then you realize: you tasted their food.
    • Bronze Vessel - Locket with a Secret Message
      • In the kitchen, a woman touches your cheek to command your attention, then whispers. “Quicken the samovar with three coffee beans to welcome health, wealth, and happiness. But look inside first.” You find a warning.
    • Poppet Supplies - Corn Husk Doll Kit
      • Considering your next move, you join other kitchen workers in a brief break outside. Indoors, the overheated ballroom and kitchen are frenetic and noisy. Out here, you breathe the cooler air. You close one eye; then try the other. You see through the veneer of this place, with its banks of candles and feverish music. Heeding the warning you received, you look for a substitute. You can’t imagine tricking another kitchen worker into taking your place. You find a few pieces of cornhusk in a bin and craft a poppet. You quicken it with a green ribbon, creating a veneer that soothes the Strange Ones and disarms their suspicions. You carry the poppet into the ballroom and place its hand into that of a dancer. You have created a likeness. 
    • Postage - Toadstool Stickers
      • You creep to the perimeter of the ring of Toadstools. The willow-eyed woman meets you there. Using her forefinger, she draws a shape on each of your heels so you may leap out of the circle. She also gives you a way to send a cautionary message to the Crows. When affixed to your note, it sends a vibration through the Forest floor and up through the canopy. The Crows will add a warning to their maps.
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