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The Silent Village - One-Time Box Purchase

The Silent Village - One-Time Box Purchase

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In October 2022, subscribers encountered the Silent Village.

The darkness is growing.  Once it clouded only the uninhabited, northernmost parts of the map.  Now it seeps into a remote farming village.

This is not the darkness of thunderstorms or nightfall. It is opaque and muffling: a slurry of shadows. The Scarred Crow has seen something like it before, in another world. But no one knows why it is here.

As it approaches, many creatures move south. The Trees remain, witnessing the pooling fog.

The darkness overtakes the village.  Its people are interrupted in their tasks. They are engulfed and then disappear. They do not know how to stave off the creeping murk; and it does not occur to them to ask the Trees for help.

The Silent Village Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; hints and additions to expand the story; a reusable cloth wrap; a mysterious document; and a lore card.  

Some items are available for individual purchase.

  • Mysterious Document
    • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret clues.  It is available only in the Silent Village Box.

    • Lore Card
      • The Silent Village is introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.  The artwork for this month's lore card was created by Joanna Rzepecka, a Warsaw, Poland-based illustrator. She says, "My work is inspired by biodiversity, mainly animals. Through my work, I'm trying to capture moments where nature is untouched by humans. Peaceful scenery, colors, and rough textures are some things that I enjoy the most."

        • Emissary's Signal - Oracle Card Draw
          • You stand on the outskirts of the Silent Village, gathering your courage to approach. You hear a rustle in the undergrowth; then an animal emerges and takes her place beside you. The Forest has sent this Emissary to accompany you into the Village. She suggests that you search the nearby farmhouse for tools and supplies.

        • Walnut Wood Device - Herb Stripper
          • In the farmhouse, the Emissary helps you locate a leaf-shaped tool made of walnut wood. It will be useful for preparing evergreen sprigs or other plants and herbs. To bring out the rich tone of the wood and make it your own, rub your herb stripper with food grade oil or beeswax.

        • Forest Aura Salve - Plant-Infused Solid Perfume
          • You prepare a salve of evergreen, cottonwood, frankincense, and lemon. Its light, spicy scent purifies the air around you so you can travel through the darkness safely. Dab it on your pulse points to create a Forest aura.

        • Pie Bird - Ceramic Pie Vent
          • Exploring the kitchen in the farmhouse, you discover an old-fashioned pie vent in the shape of a blackbird. Vents like these prevent boil-over and soggy crusts by creating a chimney for steam and juices. It gives you an idea: what if the dark fog could be vented away from the Silent Village?

        • Silver-Plated Knife - Vintage Butter Spreader
          • Along with the Emissary, you search the farmhouse for silver. There's one sharp blade, but it's forged from steel. Most of the utensils are made of tin. Finally, you find a silver-plated knife. It's worn and blunt, but perhaps the accrued energy of many family dinners will strengthen it. At the far northern side of the Village, you cut an X in the air and visualize its edges, peeling them back just a little. Immediately, the dark fog begins to dissipate, pouring through the vent with a barely audible hiss. As the darkness lifts, the lights in the houses flicker to life, and you hear the sound of voices.

        • Pumpkin Favor - Bundle of Putka Pods
          • A villager in high spirits approaches and says, "Happy Harvest! Will you join us at the Clove House?" but doesn't wait for your answer. He presses a muslin bundle into your hand and continues on his way. The bag is filled with seed pods which resemble tiny pumpkins. Use them in festive decorating or as an altar offering. 

        Bowl pictured in photos is not included.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Liz H.

        The Silent Village - One-Time Box Purchase

        Denise H.
        A heroine in my own story

        From the moment I read the lore card and mysterious document, I was filled with a sense of adventure hearkening back to last month’s cryptic message about the plight of the Silent Village. Armed with Shannon’s carefully chosen tools: an Emissary to guide and protect me, a walnut tool for stripping any herbs I might need on my quest, a salve of protection and healing, a magical chimney to act as a vent to dispel the fog and a silver knife to cut through the darkness that had engulfed the village, I succeeded in restoring light and life to the village. To celebrate, I was given a muslin bag, filled with tiny pods resembling pumpkins and an invitation to a gathering next month at Clove House.