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The Clove House - One-Time Box Purchase

The Clove House - One-Time Box Purchase

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In November 2022, subscribers encountered the Clove House.

Visitors feel a change in the atmosphere as they step across the threshold of the Clove House. Inside, the air is warm and fragranced. Scents pile together, some savory, some sweet: cumin, cinnamon, black pepper.

A shopkeeper regales the crowd with stories of spice-hunting journeys on the backs of elephants and camels. She breaks off the narrative to urge thimble-sized samples of coffee and tea upon her audience.  The shop supplies other workaday needs for the village as well, stocking soap, candles, and rabbit-tobacco.

The most popular spices overflow from barrels and burlap sacks.  The rarest are portioned out from banks of little drawers, measured by tiny spoonfuls or even smaller pinches. Sometimes the lightest dusting is enough to transform a dish.

The Clove House Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; hints and additions to expand the story; a mysterious document; and a lore card.  

Some items are available for individual purchase.

  • Mysterious Document
    • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret clues.  It is available only in the Clove House Box.

    • Lore Card
      • The Clove House is introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.  The artwork for this month's lore card was created by Joanna Rzepecka, a Warsaw, Poland-based illustrator. She says, "My work is inspired by biodiversity, mainly animals. Through my work, I'm trying to capture moments where nature is untouched by humans. Peaceful scenery, colors, and rough textures are some things that I enjoy the most."

        • Spiced Soap - Cold-Pressed Organic Soap Bar
          • When you are ready to Dream to the Clove House, prepare yourself by bathing or washing your hands with this spice-scented soap. While washing, call up images of the warm, bright, welcoming spice shop filled with sensory experiences.

        • Ceramic Mill - Spice Grinder
          • The shopkeepers are delighted to introduce you to new scents and tastes. They use small handheld grinders to demonstrate how crushing a spice releases its aromatic notes. They welcome your curiosity and invite you to try your hand at creating spice blends, but step back politely while you peer into the myriad jars and little drawers that line the walls.

        • Small Leather Notebook - Handmade Journal
          • The staff carry small notebooks in their apron pockets, using them to jot down customer orders and calculate prices. Tonight they pass them out to celebrants. Quicken yours by drawing a sigil within its pages. Create a simple design which evokes abundance, peace of mind, or good health: any condition which will nurture your happiness.

        • Graphite Pencil - Woodless Stone Pencil
          • You also receive a woodless graphite pencil. It feels heavy and slick in your hand. In Birdmoss, graphite pencils are preferred for any mathematical or numerology work. The shopkeepers use them to total up orders. Graphite stone is an excellent conductor of electricity and thermal energy and can be incorporated in your energy transfer practices. It is also used for soothing and shielding.

        • Cardamom Sugar
          • Sugar blended with ground cardamom is a favorite holiday treat in Birdmoss. Cardamom is associated with hospitality and cardamom pods are added to the coffee pot when visitors drop by. Enjoy your cardamom sugar stirred into coffee or tea; on buttered toast; or as a finishing sugar.

        • Jar of Cloves - Plus a Surprise
          • As the party winds down, celebrants are given one last souvenir: a tiny jar of cloves. Cloves help draw elements and entities closer, so they are used in money bowls and in tokens of friendship. Tonight, the Clove House has drawn the Villagers together.

        Bowl pictured in photos is not included.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Denise H.
        Celebration at the Clove House

        After saving the inhabitants of The Silent Village, we were invited to a celebration at The Clove House. How wonderful to see the villagers enjoying their restored light and life. In appreciation, we were gifted with several spice related items: a spice mill, a jar of cardamom sugar, spice soap, plus a small leather bound notebook and a graphite pencil, like the shopkeepers use. One final parting gift, which foretells our next adventure: a tiny jar of cloves with a diminutive silver mouse nestled inside.