April 2021 - The Forest

In April, subscribers met the Forest.  Much of Birdmoss is forested, and the Forest has special areas of governance and influence.  It lives by old rules.  At the same time, it is wild and sensual and can act in unexpected ways. 

    Time moves differently for the Trees as their lives are marked not by heartbeats but by the slow and consistent whoosh of sap. While each Tree has a unique awareness, collectively with other elements (stone, moss) they are the Forest. Dozens of microclimates knit together in a sort of nervous system, relaying signals through the canopy. The Forest can give and revoke shelter, but it is often incapable of quick action beyond those electric impulses surging from leaf to leaf.
    Mosses, vines, and insect colonies all participate in the languid call and response of the Forest’s respiration. The Forest revels in the deep slow pleasures of small gestures, sweeping movements, mutterings, and creaks. An early-stage Dreamer can pass into a tree and acquire some sense of the Forest’s consciousness, but the unmetered passage of time can be disorienting.


    The Forest box included 5 beautiful and mysterious objects, plus an additional special gift for Founders. One of the objects included a hidden compartment.  It holds a secret, just for you.  Shop the Forest box.

    • Mysterious Document
      • This instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret secrets and puzzles.  Printed on an unusual velvety, textured paper, this document is available only in the Forest Box.
    • Lore Card
      • The Forest is introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.
    Forest Lore Card
      • Acorn Talisman
        • The Crows determine your entitlements of travel in Birdmoss. They have sent you this talisman to indicate that you have rights of entry, awareness, and feeling. In other words, you may visit Birdmoss; be aware of your visit; and engage in the experience with all of your senses.
        • Moss from the Forest
          • Your vial contains stone, soil, and moss from the Forest. They have been quickened by moonlight. By focusing your attention on this sampling, you may recapture the feeling of peace and wonder you experience when Dreaming into the Forest at any time. After you unwrap the moss, give it a few drops of filtered or spring water and tamp it down with your fingertips. If you keep it closed, it will need water only once every month or so. If you keep it open, water it weekly or as needed to keep the soil moist. Allow it to receive occasional dappled light.
          • Stone of Clarity
            • Your stone is rough, raw, and laced with pigments and minerals. Green fluorite has been quickened in a Forest stream in order to provide you with direction and confidence in your Dreaming. You can reactivate it and bring out its unique colors by rinsing it in running water. Place it next to or under your bed on nights you plan to Dream.
            • Hardwood Bowl
              • Hardwood offered by the Forest has been handcrafted and sanded to a smooth matte finish. You can use this versatile tool for practices, ceremonies, displays, or special meals. Utilize it to hold and reinforce quickened items.
              • Quickened Candle
                • This candle has been quickened with amethyst and juniper berries from the Forest. Like your clarity stone, the amethyst assists with control and direction. The juniper berries help you connect with a specific grove in the Forest. In a quiet moment, trim the wick and light it to support you as you prepare for Quick Dreaming. Take a few minutes to write down your thoughts and hopes for the magic that will enter your life. You may catch the faint scent of juniper. The candle has 4 to 6 hours of burn time so you can repeat this process several times. (Always use appropriate safety measures and never leave a burning candle unattended.)
                • Forest Bundle
                  • The Foxes practice a kind of herbal alchemy and prepare bundles that allow Dreamers to travel the Old Roads. This fragrant bundle includes leaves (bay laurel), seed pods (black cardamom), and tree bark (cassia) from the Forest and will guide your travel. When you are ready for your first visit, place the bundle under your pillow before you sleep.