Collection: February 2023: The Locked Cabin

In February 2023, subscribers met the Locked Cabin.

Once the Cabin is unlocked and the door is thrown open, it exhales tenderness. The Ranger’s touch has left invisible particles on every surface and tool inside. Stirred by the fresh air, those remnants swirl like falling leaves or windblown blossoms. On tables and shelves, snipped specimens are lined up to show the passage of time: fecund growth or slow decline. Neat cases are filled with splints, smelling salts, tonics, needles, and thread. Bundles of herbs hang from the rafters.
The Ranger is absent, perhaps making rounds far afield. She monitors the life of the Forest, cataloging droughts and blights, and helping where she can. She makes the tiniest of nicks in tree branches to check for a green thread within,
then kisses each scar.

The Locked Cabin box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; hints and additions to expand the story; a mysterious document; and a lore card.
February 2023:  The Locked Cabin