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Warbling Bird - Porcelain Whistle

Warbling Bird - Porcelain Whistle

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You seek a distraction for the Strange Child and find a porcelain pipe in the shape of a bird. Fill it with water to hear its warbling whistle. You hand it to the child and she is quickly absorbed. She cups a flower in her hand. It grows large, blooms, and loosens. She folds the bird inside its petals.

This reproduction of a Victorian bird whistle is made of porcelain.  Experiment with the water level to change the tone of the whistle.  Try chirping to the birds in your yard to see if they respond to your call.  Colors and styles vary.

Warbling Bird was featured in the Strange Child Box (January 2022).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I love this whistle! Mine's more of a goose/duck than a songbird, but it gives him character. I loved the cloth wrap packaging as well.

Kat S.

This whistle is incredible - by moving the water around in the chamber, you can make so many different styles of realistic birdsong. The porcelain also feels nice when you're blowing into it. I brought it into school to show my students and they were amazed. The handkerchief it was wrapped in was also lovely. Everything from Birdmoss feels so special and imbued with magic & joy. Will definitely be ordering more of these for presents in the future.

Theresa A.

These little whistles are adorable! The packing with a handkerchief was beautiful and special. I ordered more after receiving my order! These will be nice little gifts for my little ones.

Deborah S.
Warbling bird- porcelain whistle

The presentation of this delightful little gift was so lovely to open, tied up in a hanky. When filled with a little water I was delighted to hear all types of melodic tunes that came from the little whistle. I look forward to taking it outside to see if I can attract other birds. I would highly recommend this as a lovely gift to others.

I was so excited when I got this

I was so excited when I got this little porcelain bird. I love it so much I bought 5 more to give as gifts! Each one came wrapped in a lovely vintage style women’s handkerchief, and each of those were different. It’s like having 2 gifts in 1. There are different birds as well and I am hoping to get all of the different ones. I love Birdmoss!