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The White-Tipped Moss - Limited Edition Box

The White-Tipped Moss - Limited Edition Box

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Please note:  This is a pre-order offering.  The White-Tipped Moss Box will ship on or around March 28.  The ship date may be adjusted due to weather or other events.

The White-Tipped Moss is a special limited-edition box issued in March 2022.  It is offered separately from the monthly Birdmoss Box subscription.  

You Dream to a whitewashed hut in the Forest.  It is tiny but well-lit and decorated with a motif of flowers and birds.  There, you discover timeless treasures:  an elegant atomizer; a miniature Deer; a bit of tree turned to stone.  The most intriguing is a jar of real, living moss.  As you examine this collection, you find a letter.  When you claim these tools and learn to use them, you receive a new title:  The Moss-Tender.

  • Jar of White-Tipped Moss
    • Hundreds of mosses with different attributes live in Birdmoss.  It is believed that the white-tipped moss exists in a liminal, timeless, transcendent state.  Even at the height of summer's heat, its tiny leaftips may turn white or translucent, as if feathered with hoarfrost.  It also changes its form, depending on available water:  sometimes lush and fern-like, sometimes wiry and skeletal.  Because you are able to travel between worlds, you are sometimes regarded with the same marvel.  As the letter explains, it is appropriate that this moss becomes your companion.
      • Your moss terrarium is presented in a glass jar with a bamboo lid.  The jar measures about 3.5 inches tall.  Your generous portion of moss will bring the scent of the Forest to your desk or altar.
      • Hedwigia ciliata is also known as white-tipped moss, fringed hoar moss (because of its translucent tips), and Medusa moss (because of its wiry texture when dry).  It can thrive in both sun and shade.  Some brown sections are natural and healthy.  When your moss arrives, remove it from its packaging and remove the padding within the jar.  Mist it with spring water and tamp it down with your fingertips.  Experiment with keeping the jar covered or uncovered to maintain the best level of humidity for your moss.
  • Deer Talisman
    • Imagine the Doe stepping through the brush.  She is receptive to the sounds of the Forest, sometimes pausing in stillness to listen to the signals around her.  This talisman magnifies your own perception so that you can draw on the messages and clues broadcast by the natural world surrounding you.  The moss, the trees, the stones – all are speaking to you.
      • Your Deer measures just under an inch and is presented on a 22" chain with an oak leaf charm and peridot-green glass beads.  The chain and charms of your talisman are made of nickel- and lead-free brass.
  • Vintage-Style Atomizer
    • You can picture this elegant device holding perfume on a glamorous dressing-table.  When you pick it up, a feeling of nostalgia washes over you.  You feel like you're on the brink of recalling a memory, but you know it isn't a scene from your own life.  This tool is meant for you, but it carries its own powerful connections.
      • Your glass atomizer holds about 46 ml or 1.55 oz of water.  The tasseled bulb sprayer dispenses an ultrafine mist, perfect for tending your moss.
  • Petrified Wood
    • This treasure reminds you of a solution to a riddle:  "It was born of a tree, but is now a stone."  Because it is connected to both plants and minerals, it is imbued with layered earth magic.  Quicken it twice:  once with earth, and once with wood, while setting your intention.
      • Your A-grade tumbled petrified wood was ethically and sustainably sourced in Madagascar.  It measures about 1-1.5 inches.  Typically, the original wood came from monkey puzzle or gingko trees which grew about 225 million years ago.  

      This is a pre-order offering. The White-Tipped Moss Box will ship on or around March 28. The ship date may be adjusted due to weather or other events.  Because the contents of this collection are larger than those in a typical Birdmoss Box, they will be shipped in a different mailer.  Unlike other Limited Edition boxes, this collection does not come gift-wrapped and cannot be packaged box-in-box. 

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews

      This limited edition box was wonderful! I adore the little deer necklace and the petrified wood looks great with my display of all my other Birdmoss stones. The atomizer is gorgeous and perfect for misting the moss in its terrarium. And the moss itself is super easy to care for - if I know I won't be able to moisten if for a while, I spritz it a couple of times and put the lid of the terrarium on, and if I forget to moisten it, it's very resilient and won't wither right away.

      Lucinda L.
      Mossy Happiness

      This little terrarium arrives securely packed and sweetly green. Use the included atomizer to spritz your moss and then set the bottle in a window to sparkle in the sun. Place the polished piece of petrified wood in the terrarium to recreate a tiny forest of your own, and hang the deer necklace with its moss green crystals and small oak leaf around your neck to remind yourself that you, too are a creature of a calmer, more mysterious and peaceful world than that through which you may be obligated to move in the course of an ordinary day. This limited edition is a miniature forest getaway in a box.


      Awesome moss, nice to pet. Spritzer delivers a perfect way to lightly water the moss. The deer charm is perfect to occasionally set on the moss as you imagine Bambi enjoying a forest stroll. Love the petrified wood

      Lucinda K.
      A gift from nature

      A wonderful box filled with nature's gift. Loved the moss in its little jar . The perfume bottle mist is beautiful! And the 🦌 necklace I love so much!

      Aelf J.
      A breath of Veriditas

      The jar fits in my small hand. It's a miniature world, a refuge from the chaos out there. The moss has a subtle scent, of green things and good dirt, and it's comforting. I'm going to spend much time meditating while I look at the moss in my care. Highly recommended.