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The Opossums - One-Time Box Purchase

The Opossums - One-Time Box Purchase

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In November 2021, subscribers met the Opossums. The Opossums are resourceful as cold weather approaches.

The Opossums Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; plus a mysterious document and a lore card.  

Some items are available for individual purchase.

  • Mysterious Document
    • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret clues.  Printed on an unusual velvety, textured paper, it is available only in the Opossums Box.
  • Lore Card
    • The Opossums are introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.  The artwork for this month's lore card was created by Joanna Rzepecka, a Warsaw, Poland-based illustrator. She says, "My work is inspired by biodiversity, mainly animals. Through my work, I'm trying to capture moments where nature is untouched by humans. Peaceful scenery, colors, and rough textures are some things that I enjoy the most."
  • Quickened Shawl
    • The Crone has quickened a woven cloth for you. Wear it as shawl or scarf to experience a sense of peace, security, and abundance. Transfer those blessings into your work and grant them to others. As you don it (or wrap a loved one), announce aloud that you are draped in warmth, in peace, in security, in abundance. After wearing your shawl, shake it in the air and fold it loosely so that it is ready for next time.
  • Stone Fruit Offering
    • You are gifted with provisions. Your cherry preserves are flavored with warming spices. So many individuals and elements contributed to bring it this to you: the trees, the water, the cooks, the glassmaker. When you break the seal, regard the untouched top for a moment. The first small spoonful is intended for you. Approach it with reverence and take a moment to let the bright flavors melt over your tongue. The rest may be shared with those you love.
  • Pickling Kit
    • Preserving food is a special kind of work. Think of it as an ancestral legacy; it was an essential practice for those who lived before us. This kind of work is all about balance: salt weighed against sugar, spices, the cleansing tang of vinegar. Make a batch of provisions which is truly your own, using the fruits or vegetables you love. Imbue your work with blessings so that all who taste it will grow in peace and abundance.
  • Protective Charm
    • Sometimes it is wise to do as the Opossums do, and turn your attention to yourself and your loved ones. A time will come when you feel the need to appreciate and protect the gifts in your world. You are a steward of people, animals, plants, and time. Most importantly, you are the steward of your own mind and body. Quicken your wooden charm with bay laurel leaves and use it to reinforce a space where you can thrive as your true self. Your words are powerful, whether you are writing them on leaves, speaking them over your charm, or saying them aloud when wearing your shawl.
  • Walnut Ornament
    • As the young Opossums watch their elders prepare for winter, they too are struck with a nesting fervor. They stash nuts in pretend-play pantries and arrange their toys in cozy, mossy dens. Incorporate your sweet owl in a walnut into your own celebratory decorations.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Angel Y.
Opossum Box

So creative and sweet!

Patricia B.

I received the Opossum box, it was cute and whimsical, my grandson liked the opossum card and the Owl in the walnut charm. The shawl was cozy and the Cherry Chai spread was delectable. Overall a very nice box, that was enjoyable to open.

Ramona E.
Sweet delight

I think this was my first box and it is what hooked me on Bird Moss. The shawl is so soft and light it feels like a hug from a dear friend. The cherry preserves are sweet and tart and a bit spicy with a unique flavor profile that brings a bit more elegance to the table. I used the pickling spices to make two jars of pickled red onions which turned a delightful magenta color and add a bright sweet tart crunch to sandwiches and salads. Each item in the box feels curated just for you and you have the ability to customize items you receive to make them even more meaningful like the protective token. It is such a respite to be swept into the world of Bird Moss and I am enjoying each box. I only wish I had joined sooner.

Loved this one!

Gorgeous box this month! The scarf is my favorite but how can you choose. The delight of unboxing all the mysteries… so welcome and wonderful !

Linda K.
Given as a gift

I will ask my daughter. The only comment so far was it was unusual and she wanted to spend more time with it. She loved the shawl.