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The Mushrooms - One-Time Box Purchase

The Mushrooms - One-Time Box Purchase

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In May 2022, subscribers encountered the Mushrooms.  This box was re-released as a limited-edition offering in April 2024.

Among the most intriguing observed phenomena in Birdmoss is the prevalence of microclimates. The long sunny beach of the Far Shore is punctuated by a rainy lagoon. When one steps into a bright, hot glade within the shady Forest, the sky above appears to be lit by a different sun. Exploring the blooming Meadows, one may stumble across an area of frosted ground.

No one is certain whether these spots, with their distinct flora and temperatures, are portals, projections, or simply localized weather. Some of these microclimates measure a few miles across; others, only a few feet.  Perplexingly, they may appear and disappear, seemingly at random.

These outlier areas have one commonality: they are all ringed by Mushrooms. The Mushrooms boil up after a rainstorm or lightning strike; and they expire in a puff of spores, or when the Moon’s phase changes. Their mycelia form complex networks which seem to be capable of compartmentalizing even the air’s humidity.

Stepping into their rings feels like alighting upon a threshold.

The Mushrooms Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; a surprise that hints at the next box; a mysterious document; and a lore card.  

Some items are available for individual purchase.

  • Mysterious Document
    • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret clues.  It is available only in the Mushrooms Box.
    • Lore Card
      • The Mushrooms are introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.  
        • Visual Guide to Mushrooms
          • The Foxes keep heavy tomes of cyanotypes and spore prints cataloging their botanical knowledge; but in the field, they often rely on illustrated textiles which can be knotted into sacks or worn as bandanas. They have sent this example for you to consult as you explore. However, it depicts only a few of the hundreds of Mushroom varieties in Birdmoss.
        • Magnifying Loupe
          • The Crows present you with a tool to help you examine the Mushrooms growing on the Forest's floor. It can aid you as you examine tiny gifts of nature. You can also wear it as a charm to bolster your insight. Incant "show me more" as you drape it around your neck to tell the loupe that you are receptive to receiving additional details about the questions in your life.
        • Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit
          • Mushrooms grow throughout Birdmoss, but they find the Forest particularly hospitable. Drifts of spores form communities and develop relationships with the trees. They translate and relay messages: their underground networks allow the oaks to communicate with the birches; and the firs with the junipers. In order to begin to understand their impulses and currents, you'll need to investigate a mycelium colony. This kit allows you to cultivate real Oyster Mushrooms and examine their stages.
        • Salt of Boletus Edulis
          • This small round tin contains a portion of sea salt blended with powdered porcini. The combination of salt and Mushrooms is a powerful activator. Use it to quicken tools or to cast a ritual ring. Press your forefinger into it, then leave the faintest fingerprint on a tree's trunk to increase your connection with the tree. It is especially suited to liminal work involving thresholds and translations. Used as a finishing salt, it imparts an earthy, savory flavor.
        • Stones of Return
          • These carnelian stones have been paired and quickened with rosemary to support you in returning to a specific spot. Place one stone at your selected waypoint. Carry the other with you as a guarantee of your return. The stones cannot speed your pathfinding, but each will guide you to the other.
          • A Wax-Sealed Envelope
            • The words and illustrations inside hint at the coming Twilight.


          Bowl in photos is not included.

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 10 reviews
          Denise M.
          Suprise and enchantment

          I really look forward to receiving my Birdmoss box every month. I am never disappointed as each box holds items that suprise and enchant! I stopped my subscription (for about a month)…and really missed receiving it so I restarted it. Shannon and her group really put a lot of thought into each box. From the illustrated story card to the ‘guide’ letter that explains what each item is. You will not be disappointed!

          Denise M
          Phoenix, Az

          Sally H.
          Wonderful selection

          Such a wonderful and fascinating selection of mushroom items. I look forward to growing my mushrooms and looking for the in our forests. Thank you.

          Jamie P.
          TRULY MAGICAL!

          This was a special order box for me, in addition to my monthly subscription, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled with it! The cloth vintage mushroom dishtowel will be framed and the magnifying glass necklace is gorgeous, great quality in both the glass and the chain itself! The mushroom flavored salt in the tiny tin was a cute addition to the box. My mushroom growing kit is currently chilling in the frig until I can find a roll of unbleached paper to tear into the bag it came with… Excellent curation of mushroom related stuff. Great company to deal with and the imagination of those who dream up the Birdmoss stories is off the charts!!!

          Lisa L.
          Mushroom Box

          I love the Mushroom Box, the Mushroom salt is delicious, I'm framing the tea towel, I also have the flower tea towel so there going on the wall, to pretty to use & great for referencing, I'm gonna start growing the oyster mushrooms next week, The loupe is gorgeous, I'm always so happy to get my treasures from Birdmoss, Thank You So Much, Blessings Always 🙂❤️🙏🐦

          The Magic of Mushrooms…

          All of the Birdsong boxes that I have received have been fabulous!!! I am on my 4th box now… the mushroom box is amazing… the letter that lays all of it before you…. the magnifier and the mushroom salt are amazing!!! They just get better and better each time raising the bar!!!💜🍄 🧚‍♀️