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The Moths - One-Time Box Purchase

The Moths - One-Time Box Purchase

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In March 2022, subscribers encountered the Moths.

Birdmoss is home to hundreds of varieties of Moths. They are mostly quiet and mostly unseen, venturing forth under cover of night. Sometimes an observer catches sight of a Moth, only to lose sight of it. The Moth is here; and then not.  Moths weave through the Veil. They bring back murmured messages from ancestors.  They alight on the pillows of sleepers, whispering words from the other side.

The Moths Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; a note regarding the life cycle of the Moths; a token that hints at the next box; plus a mysterious document and a lore card.  

Some items are available for individual purchase.

  • Mysterious Document
    • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret clues.  It is available only in the Moths Box.

    • Lore Card
      • The Moths are introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.  

        • Incense Cones
          • A faint sweet smoke casts a haze inside the apothecary shop. Magnolia-scented incense cones evoke: hot, humid nights; the sound of crickets; bayous; saltwater; and candlelight. In Birdmoss, offerings from magnolia trees are used to dispel obsessions and harmful habits. Use this incense to clear away any unwanted thoughts which may be circling you. Quicken protective amulets in its vapors. (Always use a fireproof dish and never leave burning incense unattended.)

        • Black Sand
          • This jar holds a portion of sparkling black sand. It was quickened in the light of the new moon to support introspection and planning. Use it as a base in your incense burner. Or, pour it out to encircle ritual elements during your work.

        • Chime Candle
          • The apothecary is illuminated in amber light from rustic candles. They are hand-poured from the purest beeswax. One is for you. The Moon's phases demarcate the lives of the Moths. Use your candle to bookmark the start and end of a meditation or small project. It is perfectly sized to be burned in a single session.

        • Oil for Safe Passage
          • In the back of the shop, stations are arranged for compounding ingredients, extracting tinctures, and steeping tisanes. This vial contains a combination of sweet almond oil and thyme essential oil. It has a slight grassy, leathery scent. A small amount is sufficient to anoint your pulse points, your third eye, or a protective object. This combination is appropriate for both literal and figurative journeys: a trip, an intellectual undertaking, or a decision-making process.

        • Captured Moth
          • You discover a specimen jar containing a beautiful Moth. You feel compelled to open her container. After she is freed, her gratitude keeps her by your side. If it feels right to do so, you can pass her through smoke, include her in a candle-timed ceremony, or dab her with oil to fortify her powers.

          • Jasmine Flowers
            • In Birdmoss, jasmine is associated with the midnight Moon. Young Moth caterpillars eat jasmine flowers to grow in wisdom. Add your portion of flowers to your own apothecary. Or, brew a tisane with one teaspoon of the flowers to eight ounces of water.
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          Customer Reviews

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          Meagen S.
          Heavenly magnolia

          I absolutely love this box and I have to say my favorite out of the whole box is the incense cones!! They smell heavenly!!

          Reviewer avatar
          Mystic Moths

          The Moon illuminates your path of glittering, white stones. Flitting, silvery scales bounce and dance in the darkness, before you... beckoning you. The sweet fragrance of melting beeswax, gently moored in ebony grains... the heady breath of magnolias and hints of jasmine, sweetly whisper, "follow us..." Intrigued, yet ever mindful - you pull a protective vial of oil from your pocket, and anoint yourself to assure safe passage. And then, you follow the moths...

          Another chapter in the Land of Birdmoss awaits you... these are only the tools to set you on your path.

          Utterly magical.