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The Moon - Limited Edition Box

The Moon - Limited Edition Box

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The Moon is a special limited-edition box first issued in October 2021; and then re-issued in May 2022.  It is offered separately from the monthly Birdmoss Box subscription.  This collection of curated tools and luxuries is an inspired addition to any altar.  Presented in a navy-blue box tied with a silver ribbon, it is ready to gift.

As you grow in power, your intuition flourishes.  Each phase of the Moon gives you different abilities.  Choose the lunar phase which is right for you in this moment of your life; Dream into the Forest; and open yourself to commune with the Moon as it rises over Birdmoss.

  • Moon Magic Art Card
    • When readying yourself for lunar work, contemplate this card to grow your connection with other women engaged in the same practice.
      • Illustrated by Alexandra Dvornikova, this card pictures a wise woman practicing her craft surrounded by moths, mushrooms, and candles. Approximately 4x6 inches.
  • Crescent Moon Mark
    • Apply this mark during any moon phase to amplify the messages you send out to the universe.   You can place it on your upper arm, spine, or any other energetic point. 
      • Your long-lasting temporary tattoo features a crescent moon adorned with flowers.  Approximately 4x4 inches.
      • To use your tattoo:
        1.  Remove protective plastic.
        2.  Place tattoo face-down on clean skin.
        3.  Press a damp cloth or paper towel to the paper backing for 30-60 seconds, until backing is saturated.
        4.  Gently peel away paper backing.
  • White-Tipped Matches
    • You choose how to use flame in your work.  It can be used to erase, to destroy, to cleanse, or to grow.  Smoke can create pathways through the veil.
      • So much more beautiful and effective than a plastic lighter or cardboard matchbook, these lovely wooden matches burn with a clean, bright flame. Ignite them easily with the discreet strike paper on the bottom of the glass jar. You'll receive a dozen matches in a glass vial. 
  • Goddess Stone
    • When you are guided to this stone in the Forest, you feel its powerful feminine energy and connection to the Goddess.  It is a stone for wise women, and you are one of them.  Your stone's influence buffers away feelings of guilt and inadequacy, unmuffling your tacit knowledge and intuition.
      • These AA-grade chrysocolla stones are ethically sourced in Peru and measure about 1-1.5 inches.  Each stone has been hand-polished to create a smooth surface and rounded shape.  Some stones feature inclusions of malachite or azurite.
  • Crystal Grid
    • Your stones and crystals, working together, are greater than the sum of their parts.  This mandala crystal grid, created from wood given by the Forest,  provides you with a platform to experiment with and organize their energies.  Visualize pathways in the grid illuminating as you discover sympathetic corridors.  Try different arrangements in various lunar phases.
      • This 4 inch crystal grid is made of birch wood, which has a rippling sheen like a pale tigerseye.
  • Ritual Scissors
    • The Crows have sent you a tool.  Just as you choose how to use flame in your work, you can decide how to direct the power of these scissors.  You can use them for ribbon or cord work, or to chiffonade herbs.  Or, snip a tiny lock of hair from the nape of your neck and use it to magnify lunar rebirth rituals.
      • Made of antiqued brass-plated 3CR13 stainless steel, these scissors are about 3.5 inches in length.
  • Moth Spell
    • In Birdmoss, a visiting moth indicates the watchful protection of ancestors.  Quicken your moth by passing it through a flame in the moonlight.  Pin it inside your coat, your bag, or elsewhere upon your person.  Any negative energy directed towards you will be funneled to your moth; and it will slip easily through its sieve-like structure.  Jealousies and hexes lose their sticking power.  The moth symbol connects you to ancestors, and the stitch marker pin connects you to other women doing wise work with tools like needle, thread, and yarn.
      • Made of STL-1066 stainless steel, your moth is about 1.5 inches across.
  • Moon Water Vial
    • This delicate vial has been chosen for you.  Use it to prepare a small amount of highly charged moon water.  Fill the vial with spring water, quicken it with your positive intentions, and expose it to the light of the Moon.  Dab your moon water on your pulse points or use it to cleanse your ritual tools.  It is up to you to choose the lunar phase which is right for this task.  
      • Your artisan-made blown glass vial is unique.  Vials vary in shape, size, and color.  They are about 1.5-2.5 inches tall.  The handcrafted top can be used as an applicator, but is not water-tight.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Deb H.
    The Moon box

    A wonderful box filled with awesome items! I love the moth spell as well as the bottle to store moon water.

    Steph P.
    The Moon Box

    There is much thought put into each item in the package.
    Every piece demands to be pulled out, examined, and used. My fingers ache to touch each piece.
    I felt the sparks of creativity inside thru all of the packaging.
    A lovely lunar self gift.

    Jennette B.
    Love it

    Really loved everything in this box.
    Can't wait for my next shipment

    I Love This Box!

    This is one of my favorite boxes. It's full of beautiful and functional items that go great with the moon theme. Definitely recommend!


    This box was so timely. My granddaughter is nicknamed Luna and her room is decorated in stars and moon. I purchased 2 of these boxes one for me and one for my daughter in honor of her daughter's birth. She absolutely loved it! And Birdmoss shared a beautiful lunar calendar as well, which I printed and hung it over little Luna's bed. These boxes bring me joy every single month. Each month I think I have recieved my favorite and than the next month a new comes and I say it again! New favorite!