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The Dawn - Limited Edition Box

The Dawn - Limited Edition Box

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  • "If you have any issues with your purchase, please reach out to me at, and I'll personally do everything I can to make it right."- Shannon, Birdmoss Curator and Liaison

The Dawn is a special limited-edition box issued in January 2022.  It is offered separately from the monthly Birdmoss Box subscription.  Presented in a navy-blue box tied with a silver ribbon, it is ready to gift.

You are one of the few from your world with the ability to Dream into Birdmoss. Every time you cross into that other world, your powers grow; and your intuition flourishes. As you undertake a new project, role, or phase in life, choose a day on the calendar to mark the transition. Dream to the Sea. Receive the Dawn's gifts. Each new day's Dawn grants you opportunities.

  • Floral Bath Soak
    • When readying yourself to embark upon something new, add this vial of salts, petals, and essential oils to a running bath. As you bathe, pronounce that you are anointing your body with resilience.
      • Presented in a glass tube with a cork top.  Ingredients: epsom salt, pink Himalayan sea salt, rosebuds, jasmine buds, cornflowers, geranium bourbon essential oil, polysorbate 80. Net weight 1.5 oz. (Always use common sense with any bath products; don't use if you're allergic to any ingredients and stop using if you experience any irritation.)

  • Daisy Flower Marks
    • In Birdmoss, daisies are associated with fresh beginnings. Apply these marks to amplify your intentions for your new undertaking. You can place them on your upper arm, spine, or any other energetic point.
      • Your two long-lasting temporary tattoos feature hand-drawn daisies. Approximately 3x1.5 inches.

  • Diffuser Necklace
    • The tree on your locket symbolizes the growth you will experience in the upcoming period in your life. It has been quickened with sprouting seeds to encourage free-flowing, easy growth and change.
      • This necklace allows you to experience aromatherapy in an easy, portable way.  Your magnetic locket is made of surgical-grade 316L stainless steel and is accompanied by a 24" necklace.  The locket's closed back ensures that essential oils are contained and won't touch your skin or clothing. 

  • Set of Four Essential Oils
    • You are given oils and diffuser pads to use as tools to assist you in navigating the challenges and opportunities you will encounter. Add a drop of oil to a pad and insert it in your locket. Use any scent which speaks to you on a given day, or experiment with these correspondences from Birdmoss lore:
      • Lavender: calm and tranquillity
      • Peppermint: energy and confidence
      • Lemongrass: commitment, follow-through, and communication
      • Sweet Orange: future planning and abundance
        • Your kit includes 12 diffuser pads in a variety of colors.  Each vial contains 5 ml of therapeutic-grade steam-distilled essential oil made in the United States. The oils in your kit are 100% pure and should be combined with a carrier oil before any direct application.  (Always use common sense with any essential oil products; don't use if you're allergic to any ingredients and stop using if you experience any irritation.  Keep out of reach of pets.)

  • Salt-Studded Candle
    • Your candle is studded with pink salt to help clear away past assumptions and habits which have not served you. Light it to set the stage for a reflective planning session. Sit with paper to write down: three hopes for your new endeavor; three fears or obstacles which may block your way; and three areas of knowledge or tools you are bringing with you.
      • This unscented votive-sized candle has 4 to 6 hours of burn time so you can repeat this process several times. (Always use appropriate safety measures and never leave a burning candle unattended.)

  • Ritual Ribbon
    • Frayed or feathered ribbon can be used as a sort of sieve, allowing negative energy to sift away without losing positive intentions. After you have identified three hopes for your new beginning, visualize each one as a real outcome. As you picture each one in your mind's eye, tie a knot in this ribbon. This will help hold your vision fast so that it will be awaiting your arrival.
      • This hand-dyed raw cotton ribbon is half an inch wide and approximately 18 inches in length.

  • Rose Quartz
    • This rose quartz's asterism features can show up as a star-shaped shimmer in the right light. Its color evokes the Birdmoss sky at sunrise, and in Birdmoss, rose quartz is prescribed to encourage self-compassion during transitions. Incorporate it into your morning practice by placing it on top of your cleanser or moisturizer to quicken it; or simply touching the stone each morning.
      • Ethically and sustainably sourced in Madagascar, your rose quartz stone is graded "AA" for excellent transparency and color.  Each piece measures approximately 1.5-2 inches.
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      M M.
      Impressed ❤️

      Shannon, wow! Customer service is above and beyond! The Dawn BirdMoss box was beautiful! I love how well it’s curated. BirdMoss transports you to a different place and time. May I suggest before opening you box, make yourself a cup of tea(or glass of wine) get comfortable and let BirdMoss take you away. Makes me smile every time.

      Angel Y.
      The Dawn Box

      Absolutely in love with my oils and diffuser necklace. Lemongrass has been my go to so far. Everything is such high quality.

      Jocelyn C.
      Another Amazing Box!

      There was a minor mix-up with my order for The Dawn box, but Shannon responded immediately, fixing the problem. I received The Dawn box today, and she included an extra gift with an apology. I'm delighted with everything, and the Flying Wish Paper was exactly what I needed at this time!

      Ramona E.
      New Beginnings

      I appreciate how each box I receive feels curated just for me. Using the tiny treasures within the boxes helps to guide my intentions for the day, take a moment for myself to appreciate the mysteries of our world, and tap into the creative gifts of each person producing them.
      The Dawn Box is especially magical as it evokes so many memories through the lovely scent of the essential oils, and the ritual of setting a new endeavor and feeling supported along the way. Come join us at Birdmoss, it is a lovely story and your place in it is waiting for you.

      Sandria D.

      It is beautiful and perfect