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The Cicadas - Limited-Edition Box

The Cicadas - Limited-Edition Box

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The Cicadas is a special limited-edition box issued in May 2024.  It is offered separately from the monthly Birdmoss Box subscription.

The ruby-eyed ones emerge in Birdmoss.  The Cicadas Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects and experiences.

  • The Singing Herald - Floral Enamel Cicada Brooch
    • The first of the ruby-eyed ones awakes.
  • Paint of the Earth - Ochre Rock Mineral Pigment Paint
    • You'll receive a generous portion of ochre rock pigment, as well as a small brush.
  • Winged Companion - Vinyl Cicada Sticker
    • Use this durable sticker to quicken your water bottle, notebook, or bicycle. It’s illustrated by Allison Stoiser, who says, “I aim to share the beauty of and tell stories about the natural world, focusing on the small (but significant) insects and the forces that drove them to such dizzying heights of diversity.”
  • Resonant Instrument - Tiny Singing Bowl
    • Join the singing with your brass singing bowl.

This limited-edition box will be shipped in a different mailer than the monthly Birdmoss Box, and cannot be packaged box-in-box.  One-time box purchases include shipping costs.  Non-subscription products usually ship within 3 business days of purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Haiden N.
Such a pretty little box

I’ve never used a singing bowl before so I’m excited to have my own! Pretty little treasures, just like in every Birdmoss box. :)

Love it !

So cute… Very special edition ! Recommended !

Love this box!

I went back and forth, but ended up picking up the cicada box. I really enjoy it - it’s a little dose of meditation/grounding, and everything is so nicely curated.

Laura W.

What a lovely, evocative little box of treasures.

Marilyn P.
Such a unique and beautiful selection of all things Cicada

I was super pleased to receive such a unique box celebrating all things Cicada. I love it.