Songbird Trinket Box - Hand-Carved Wooden Box

Songbird Trinket Box - Hand-Carved Wooden Box

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At the Goblin Market, one stall features a variety of hand-carved wooden boxes.  A few are shaped like waxwing birds, with hand-painted details.  They could hold the tiniest of treasures; what would you hide inside?

To open your box, press down on the tail feathers and rotate the back panel so that it snaps open.  Note that the panel opens in only one direction:  to the bird's left.

Your Songbird Trinket Box is hand-carved and hand-painted.  Measuring about 5.5 inches in length, each one is unique.  Made in Russia (and imported before the war), they possess an Old-World charm.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful and well-made

Jocelyn C.

I usually don't like birds, but this trinket box caught my eye. It's so cute, and Shannon must have her magical powers on full tilt because she sent a bead and a bee token in it. I cannot find my bee token that I received in the Bees Birdmoss Box, and I've been wanting to get another one as a replacement!

Michelle K.
Very pretty trinket box

This is such a lovely, well made trinket box.

Aliçon B.
Colorful Wooden Bird Box

Such a sweet little trinket box. Love the bright colors and the hidden compartment. Took me a minute to figure out that you open it by twisting it to the left very slowly and firmly, I love birds and trinket boxes so this was a win win for me!

Judith B.
Songbird Trinket Box

I have the cedar waxwing and it is so cute. Unless you look very close you wouldn't know it was a "secret box". Love it!