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Silver-Plated Knife - Vintage Butter Spreader

Silver-Plated Knife - Vintage Butter Spreader

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Along with the Emissary, you search the farmhouse for silver. There's one sharp blade, but it's forged from steel. Most of the utensils are made of tin. Finally, you find a silver-plated knife. It's worn and blunt, but perhaps the accrued energy of many family dinners will strengthen it. At the far northern side of the Village, you cut an X in the air and visualize its edges, peeling them back just a little. Immediately, the dark fog begins to dissipate, pouring through the vent with a barely audible hiss. As the darkness lifts, the lights in the houses flicker to life, and you hear the sound of voices.

Your vintage butter knife has been cleansed with salt and lightly polished.  It may have some patina when it arrives, and its natural patina will grow over time.  Because of its age, it is normal to see some dings and scratches in the surface.  Use it as a serving knife, letter opener, or athame.

Silver-Plated Knife was featured in the Silent Village Box (October 2022).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Allison C.
Ornate beautiful little butter knife

I got this included in my box from the misfits and oddments event and I love it! So detailed and beautifully aged, I haven't wanted to spend the money on it specifically but I'm so glad it came in this box. Birdmoss items NEVER disappoint. :)

Corie L.
Perfect little knife

I leave it on the counter and use it everyday.