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Relic for Glimpsing - Vintage Photo Slide

Relic for Glimpsing - Vintage Photo Slide

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As the dusk gathers and the Twilight comes to an end, you discover a small blue envelope. The Scarred Crow has sent you a relic for your interpretation. It is a tiny window into your world showing a moment from the past. Hold it to the light or use a strong flashlight to project its image on the wall.
You will receive a single vintage 35mm slide.  Each slide is unique and will be a surprise.  Yours may feature wildlife, plants, or natural phenomena.  It will be drawn at random; you will be the first to know which slide was chosen for you.

Relic for Glimpsing was featured in the Twilight Box (June 2022).

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Customer Reviews

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Good quality tiny photo! I love roses and it happened to be a lovely partially closed yellow rose. 😊

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Jane S.

I was confounded by this to be honest. It is a picture of flowers…pretty, but not my “type”. As other members posted their pictures of birds, animals, moons and stars, I was frankly disappointed. But I stayed with it and began to see how my picture complimented and was all of a piece with the others…I began to see how without my flowers the world would be less…I began to get a glimpse of the importance of all things. At my age life big lessons are rare, and I really appreciate this one: look deeply at your disappointments and see what wisdom and beauty lies there.

Denise H.
A message from my past

A revelation! When I received my Relic for Glimpsing Vintage Photo Slide, I could not make out what it contained. At first, I thought it was an airport, with planes lined up. Then, I thought it was a harbor, with boats docked. Once I used my magnifying glass, I realized it was a picture of turtles crossing a body of water on a log and lining up on the shore. How appropriate! Turtles have been a part of my life forever. Both my husband and I have had pet turtles and our son has a huge tank with several large turtles, featuring Arthur, who has markings that make him look like he’s always smiling.

Turtles as spirit animals teach us to walk our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity. Turtles teach us to stay grounded, even in moments of disturbance and chaos. Turtles remind us to slow down and pace ourselves and cultivate emotional strength and understanding. Eureka! This was made to order for me!