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Protective Charm - Wooden Opossum Ornament

Protective Charm - Wooden Opossum Ornament

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Sometimes it is wise to do as the Opossums do, and turn your attention to yourself and your loved ones. A time will come when you feel the need to appreciate and protect the gifts in your world. You are a steward of people, animals, plants, and time. Most importantly, you are the steward of your own mind and body. Quicken your wooden charm with bay laurel leaves and use it to reinforce a space where you can thrive as your true self. Your words are powerful, whether you are writing them on leaves, speaking them over your charm, or saying them aloud when wearing your shawl.

This kit is packaged with a kraft card and envelope and includes a wooden Opossum ornament, bay laurel leaves, twine, and instructions.

Protective Charm was featured in the Opossums Box (November 2021).

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Customer Reviews

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Chrystal B.
Opossum reminder!

I loved this when I first saw it but didn't know where I would put it. Ended up just hanging it on a knob on my entertainment center where I see it every morning and it reminds me to "Thrive!" Now I don't want to move it!

Denise H.
A reminder to Thrive

I have a very special place in my kitchen, behind my sink, where I keep all my Birdmoss treasures, plus others that I’ve found or made. It looks a lot like an altar and it serves a similar function. It’s a place I go to unwind, while visiting Birdmoss. One of my favorite items hangs in the window...a protective charm, laser cut with an Opossum and the word “Thrive”. It serves as a reminder to me to be a good steward of people, including myself, animals, plants, and time. It perfectly encapsulates my outlook on my world.


The box this charm came in came at a perfect time, when I was moving out on my own for the first time. It now hangs in a prominent spot in my apartment, reminding me to be resilient and true to myself.