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Patinated Ring - Adjustable Embossed Copper Ring

Patinated Ring - Adjustable Embossed Copper Ring

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You spot a stone with faint scratches on its surface. You lift it and brush aside the skeletons of leaves to discover a small nook. Inside is an ancient ring. Its copper is covered in a teal-blue patina. It was hidden here long ago in anticipation of your arrival. You try it on and it adjusts to your hand. Turn it twice on your finger when seeking direction.

Your adjustable ring is made of nickel-free, hypoallergenic copper-plated brass.  Each piece is handcrafted by fair trade artisan groups in India using traditional, sustainable techniques.  Patterns vary.

Patinated Ring was featured in the Moonwell Box (September 2022).

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa L.
Patinated Embossed Copper Ring

I absolutely love this ring, I love patinated copper, it's one of my favorites, I was so happy you offered them again, Thank You, Blessings Always 🙂❤️

Allison C.
Exquisite ring, adjustable but pinches

I love this ring. My only struggle is that while it IS "adjustable," because the edges of the ring are shaped the way they are, it pinches the flesh of my finger. If I adjust it larger, it slips off. If I adjust it to the correct size, it pinches. (Obvs smaller is uncomfortable to wear.) I do love it, not sure if I can adjust to the pinching. However it will still look gorgeous in a display cabinet, so it's still a win.

Catherine H.
Verdigris ring

It was packaged beautifully,the ring was beautiful too,but after a few days the. Verdigris started wearing off the outside, but it stayed in the grooves of the design,so it is still a nice ring,I'm still wearing it and have had a few compliments on it,so maybe be aware of that so in the future someone else won't be as easy to please as I am,I'm thinking of ordering another one. Thank you

Valerie A.
Little gem

Great ring. I wore it to happy hour tonight in Santa Fe. My grands will love this ring and I suppose one will borrow it sooner or later. I am ordering them for stocking stuffers…


Very pretty ring with a beautiful teal patina and pretty floral design.