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Paper Bird - Origami Crane

Paper Bird - Origami Crane

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Because of their geometric insight, the Frogs can fold a single uncut sheet of paper into all kinds of dimensional models. They often mutter blessings – or wishes – over the creases so that the resulting creation is more than the sum of its parts. Young Froglings learn this practice by rendering Frog-eating Cranes in paper form, while imbuing the folds with protective whispers. The resulting paper toy is is used as a protective ward against the much-feared Cranes. The Froglings have created a paper bird for you; they encourage you to trace its folds with your fingertip while naming protections against your own fears.
Your Paper Bird is folded flat for shipping.  Unfurl it and crease its wings to add dimension.  About 3.5 inches in length, it is hand-made of a single sheet of high-quality Japanese Chiyogami paper.

Paper Bird was featured in the Frogs Box (July 2022).

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Customer Reviews

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Such a pretty, delicate bird. I love Japanese art.

Aliçon B.
Origami birds

Just love these origami cranes. The paper has brilliant and beautiful colors. I have given three of them away to nieces and nephews and they love them just as much!

Lorinda S.

I love my little oragami bird!