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Ornate Brass Hook Bookmark

Ornate Brass Hook Bookmark

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The Crows create simple, elegant tools such as hooks and probes to aid them in their work. Your brass hook-style bookmark is a more ornate version of those tools. Slide the hook between the pages of a book to mark your spot. Or, use it to quicken a volume of recipes or affirmations.

This reverse decoupaged glass piece was handmade in a home studio.

Ornate Brass Hook was featured in the Crows box (July 2021).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pretty and well made

This crow book mark is pretty and well made. Happy to have it!


Love it! I am a lover of crows!

Donna B.
Ornate Brass Hook Bookmark

It is very beautiful and very well made, however I find it a bit thick to actually use as a bookmark. I have it hanging over a piece of depression glassware in my china cabinet so I can see it every day! Although I am not using it for its intended purpose, I do love it, as the crow is my spirit animal.

Laura L.
Book mark

Absolutely love it. I bought it for a gift and now I want one for myself.

Jennifer B.
I’d love to have one for every book I own!

Beautiful and well-made by an artist in the US. Win-win!