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Elaborate Box with Ladybug

Elaborate Box with Ladybug

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A small square object awaits you in an empty hallway. It is a little box created from two elaborately folded sheets of paper. Take this handmade creation with you to hold trinkets; or to collect items for quickening.

Inside the box, you discover an unexpected companion: a bright scarlet ladybug. She crawls onto your hand briefly, and then flies ahead, alighting on a doorknob. She pauses as if to encourage you forward. As you approach, the doors swing open.

Carry your ladybug as a good luck charm; or, hide it in your home for a loved one to discover.  They can then hide it to surprise you!

Your origami box measures about 2.25 x 2.25 x 1 inches.  Hand-folded by an artisan based in West Virginia, each is unique.  Colors and patterns vary.

Your ladybug measures about .5 inches.  It was made in the Czech Republic using traditional pressed glass methods.

The Elaborate Box and Ladybug were featured in the Castle box (December 2021).

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Customer Reviews

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Cute and Simple

The Lady Bug bead is a cute addition to any piece of jewelry, keychain etc. or you can just keep it loose on you in a pocket, bra, small bag pocket wherever for good luck. The origami box it simple yet cute to keep your lady bug on display with the moss or store other items inside. It all gives off a very hand made vibe. This would also be a really cute gift to give a child like getting a pet rock kind of thing or add onto a piece of jewelry/keychain of their own. It's a simple yet creative crafty item.