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Moon Water Vial

Moon Water Vial

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This delicate vial has been chosen for you. Use it to prepare a small amount of highly charged moon water. Fill the vial with spring water, quicken it with your positive intentions, and expose it to the light of the Moon. Dab your moon water on your pulse points or use it to cleanse your ritual tools. It is up to you to choose the lunar phase which is right for this task.

Your artisan-made blown glass vial is unique. Vials vary in shape, size, and color. They are about 1.5-2.5 inches tall. The handcrafted top can be used as an applicator, but is not water-tight.

Moon Water Vial was featured in the limited edition Moon Box, October 2021.


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Customer Reviews

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Moon Water Vial

It was so Pretty in the picture when I ordered it, but the picture does not compare to how Beautiful it really is. It reminds me of something that would belong to a Fairy. I absolutely Love it. Can't wait for one more day till the Full Moon 🌕

Lisa L.
Moon Water Vials

These bottles are exquisitely beautiful, there stunning, I havent seen such remarkable craftsmanship with glass since, the Feather Witch Cordial, my great-grandpa was a glass-blower, I have so much respect and love for the art, I would definitely buy more if i could, there that special, Thank You So Much, Blessings Always 🙏🙂❤️

Denise H.
Elegant Moon Water Vials

These delicately etched vials are reminiscent of the Egyptian perfume bottle I was gifted by a friend. They are perfect for their intended purpose of filling with water and placing on a window sill to be charged by the moon. They can also serve as a perfume bottle, or simply as a decor piece in a sunny window.

Cheryl M.

Moon Water Vial

Pretty but fragil

This glass vial is pretty but fragile. The glass is thin. If you drop it it will probably break. The stopper on top just sits in the hole it doesn't stay on if held upside-down and doesn't make a seal. So be careful of spilling if storing liquid or losing anything kept in it. My first bottle that came with my box actually had the stopper completely jammed in it. I couldn't get it out no matter what I tried. It ended up getting several hairline fractures in the glass after so many attempts at opening it. I finally gave up and contacted Shannon. I got friendly awesome customer service and a free replacement. This jar is great for displaying or storing things in if kept in a safe spot.