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A Moment Captured Beneath the Oak Trees - Resin Acorn with Mushroom and Moss

A Moment Captured Beneath the Oak Trees - Resin Acorn with Mushroom and Moss

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Every time you visit the Forest in Birdmoss, you feel more attuned to its rhythm. Time moves differently for the Trees as their lives are marked not by heartbeats but by the slow and consistent whoosh of sap. While each Tree has a unique awareness, collectively with other elements (moss, mushrooms) they are the Forest.

When you are away from it, you yearn for it; sometimes wishing that night, and your chance to dream into the Forest, would fall more quickly.  When you mention this to the Scarred Crow, she cautions you against discounting the present moment.  A few days later, she sends you an acorn.  The Crows have sent you tokens before, but this is a product of their wildest magic:  a moment under the oak trees, captured just for you.  It feels like you are transported:  the glinting sunlight, the Forest elements are here with you now.

Handmade from eco-friendly resin with a natural acorn cap, this pendant is about 2.5 centimeters tall.  Each one contains real moss and a real tiny chanterelle mushroom; each is unique.  It is threaded on an adjustable waxed cotton cord necklace.  This captured moment arrives cradled in a little nest in a round wooden box -- perfect for gifting.

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Customer Reviews

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I received this beautiful necklace as am anniversary gift last year. The quality is great and the piece is absolutely magical.

Resin Acorn with Mushroom and Moss

I was happy when Shannon got the Resin Acorn with Mushroom and Moss back in stock. I was sad that I had missed it the first time round because I felt drawn to it.
Tis the season, yesterday, I wore both my Acorn Talisman (with some black tourmaline inside) and Resin Acorn necklaces and received many compliments.
Thanks Shannon for restocking the Resin Acorn.

Patti S.
Mysterious acorn necklace

Beautiful and amazing. Tiny mushroom and moss so perfect inside a resin acorn.
I love it so much. It’s another one of Shannon’s magical items.

Aelf J.
A shift in perspective

This delicate treasure delights me. It helps ground me, reminding me that in spite of all the chaos, there are pockets of serenity if I'm willing to look for them. This wearable woodland retreat has been a comfort, and a reminder that a sanctuary needn't be large to be welcoming.

Laura L.
A Moment Captured…

I love it! It’s a little smaller than expected, but it’s still magical.