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Lightning Quartz - Crystal Points

Lightning Quartz - Crystal Points

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You receive two crystal points which have been quickened in a thunderstorm. Use them to answer the crash and flash of the storm with lightning of your own. The light in your hands is small, but it allows you to commune with the colossal clouds and their shaking rumbles.

Your Lightning Quartz will produce a cold light when subjected to friction.

  • Start in a darkened room with one quartz point in each hand.
  • Arrange in a X-shape and swipe one stone against the other, very firmly, away from you, as if striking a match.
  • The resulting flash evokes the lightning of a summer storm.

2 A-grade clear quartz raw crystal points, ethically and sustainably sourced from Madagascar.

Lightning Quartz was featured in the Ferns Box (May 2023).

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Customer Reviews

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Lightning quartz

These are really cool. They really do make a little light. They are fun to play with and I think kids would really enjoy them

Ashley R.
Really Cool For Kids

I loved these quartz crystals! I shared them with my kids and used them as a way to teach them about piezoelectric energy.