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Crow Stone

Crow Stone

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Some Crows in Birdmoss have iridescent plumage; their black feathers shine green or blue in a particular slant of light.  Perhaps that inspired the name "Crow Stones."  These raw gemstones appear charcoal-gray until you observe them at a certain angle.  Then, their colorful flash comes through.

Place a Crow Stone on your journal to quicken its pages overnight.  Or, contemplate it before dreaming to support your connection with the Crows.

This listing is for a single AA-grade stone. Your raw labradorite is one of a kind, with its own natural patterns and variations.  It has been hand-polished with organic vegetable oil.  Each piece is about 1.5-3" in length.  

Each labradorite gemstone is ethically sourced from small, family-owned mines in Madagascar using primarily artisanal mining methods. This type of excavation leaves a minimal carbon footprint and also does not contribute to environmental destruction by releasing chemicals or toxins that can harm the ecosystem.

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Customer Reviews

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Stefanie H.
A bit of magic in my palm

This is a lovely little slice of magic. When it catches the light just so, I expect a friendly crow to fly my way and introduce herself. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m a patient person. Besides, I have this beautiful stone to inspire me.


The glints of color catch the sun and the stone lights up . . . Easy to get lost in its light.