Introduction to Birdmoss Set
Introduction to Birdmoss Set
Introduction to Birdmoss Set
Introduction to Birdmoss Set
Introduction to Birdmoss Set
Introduction to Birdmoss Set

Introduction to Birdmoss Set

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Special Offer:  Start a new subscription today and receive a free Introduction to Birdmoss Set.  No need to add the Intro Set to your cart; simply use code W445 when you check out with your subscription.  While supplies last.

This collection includes five subscriber favorites.  It's the perfect "tasting menu" to explore the treasures featured in the monthly Birdmoss Box.  

  • Wish Charm
    • Dandelions are a staple ingredient for the Foxes' herbal alchemy.  Although the plants are plentiful, every part of them is valued; the Foxes have myriad uses for the roots, leaves, and blooms.  Dandelion plants are used to aerate and prepare growing beds for other plants. The Foxes call the dandelion pappus a "wish" and this is their wish for you:  that you will always find the next right step in your journey.  Although a dandelion seed seems to waft aimlessly, it always ends up where it needs to go.
    • Wooden Matches
      • So much more beautiful and effective than a plastic lighter or cardboard matchbook, these lovely wooden matches burn with a clean, bright flame. Ignite them easily with the discreet strike paper on the bottom of the glass jar. You'll receive 10+ matches in a cork-stoppered bottle. Include them in your ritual space or gift them with a candle to a friend.
    • Tiny Candle Supplies
      • The underground village is relatively insulated and safe, but very little natural light reaches the living spaces. The Field Mice have developed a method of candle making which doesn't require heating a vat of wax. They wrap sweet-smelling sheets of beeswax around cotton wicking. Quicken the wick and wax with an intention as you roll it. Because each candle is so easy to make, you can perform this brief ritual on an as-needed basis. Each little candle sustains a bright flame for around 25 minutes.  Your candle kit includes instructions, 8 sheets of beeswax (measuring about 1.5 x 2.5 inches each), and wicking.  
    • Stones of Tree Connection
      • You receive two paired kambaba jasper stones that have been quickened with earth. Gift one stone to a Tree in your world, placing it at the roots or in a crevice while explaining your desire for friendship. Keep the other stone yourself. Because the stones are paired, you will share a special connection with the Tree going forward.
    • Turtle Spell
      • The Lake is home to long-lived Turtles who are recognized for their healing knowledge. Quicken your turtle pin by dipping it in fresh water. It will attract energies associated with good health and peaceful thoughts. Pin it to a seam in your clothing or inside your bag; or use it as a stitch marker to quicken your textile work.

    Plate/bowl in photos is not included.

    Shipping:  Single items and non-box products ship for a flat rate of $7.00.  Non-subscription products usually ship within 3 business days of purchase.

    "If you have any issues with your purchase, please reach out to me at, and I'll personally do everything I can to make it right."

    - Shannon, Birdmoss Curator and Liaison

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Sweet Treats!

    I was so very pleased to see that there was a small box of items that I had missed being a newer visitor to Birdmoss. As always, the added details made them even more precious! The one thing I would say was I missed having a little note to sort of tie it into the environment. Still, very much enjoyed, thank you!

    Sarah H.
    Awesome starter kit

    But I'm not sure how to use some of the items, like the foxes veil kit? And my story card was cut short so I'm not sure what else it contained... But tips on usage would be great. Other than that, I loved it!

    Hi, Sarah! Thank you for your review and feedback. I'm so glad you like your Introduction to Birdmoss! You can get more details about all of the items in the Intro Set here: The vignette, 'The First Dream,' which accompanied your set, is a fragment; sometimes we wake from dreams at the most inopportune moments! Let me know if I can assist with anything else. I'm a real person and I read every email. --Shannon

    Beth D.
    Spoil new mama

    My son and daughter-in-law have received many presents for the new baby. I thought it was time to spoil mama. I brought over the intro box and went over the contents. My daughter-in-law especially loved the wish pendant. My son enjoyed smelling the candle. I was delighted that the stones included were jasper, which is my older grandson’s name. Now if you can plan on a sea box with coral, that would cover my granddaughter, too.

    The best small business!

    You might think I'm being over dramatic, but I really think this is one of the best small businesses I've happily supported. It's so fun and magical. It makes me happy. I lack serotonin and dopamine, but seeing my monthly box and whatever else I order, gives me a boost of both! The owner, Shannon is really nice, too. The shipping and packaging is also good! Stay magical!

    kathy b.
    a big adventure in a small box !

    I love the intro box. each item is a treasure.