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Guide To The Fern Grove - Embroidered Tea Towel

Guide To The Fern Grove - Embroidered Tea Towel

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The Foxes have sent you a visual guide to the Fern Grove. They maintain libraries of heavy books and maps, but in the field, they often rely on illustrated textiles which can be knotted into sacks or used in other practical ways. You will receive one of two designs:

  • If your guide shows you a crescent Moon, this journey takes you inward. You      explore your seasons, needs, and path. You grow in self-knowledge.
  • If your guide shows you a Moth, this journey is a conversation with ancestors. You explore your relationships, connections, and inheritance. You receive ancestral wisdom.

Made of lush a cotton and linen blend, your tea towel elevates even mundane kitchen tasks; or would make a lovely wall hanging or altar cloth. It's big enough (about 18x28 inches) that it could easily be made into an apron. Or a tapestry. Or, of course, used for its intended purpose.  

Guide To The Fern Grove was featured in the Ferns Box (May 2023).

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Customer Reviews

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Chrystal B.
Guide to the Fern Grove Towel

I got the towel with the moth and I just love it! As others have said, I'm not using mine, either. Just displaying it and embellished it with some of my Birdmoss pins; the bat, chipmunk, and nuthatch. Also a sun that I had from somewhere else. Just a fun and interesting journey into Birdmoss that puts a smile on my face.

Functional art

This towel must be seen to be believed. It's absolutely gorgeous. The craftsmanship is unreal. I actually decided to use it as a tapestry instead of as a towel. It's simply that pretty

Ashley R.
Using This As A Tapestry

This is so beautiful, and I love the quality! I am currently using it as a hanging tapestry instead of a towel because I love it so much.


This beautifully printed towel has the perfect embroidery accents. Mine had a crescent moon & is a perfect fit. Such a lovely towel, several of my friends were jealous.