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Glittering Remnants - Teal Beverage Glitter

Glittering Remnants - Teal Beverage Glitter

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The stones surrounding the Moonwell sparkle with crystalline accumulations. This glitter is what remains when splashes from the Moonwell evaporate. It can infuse any beverage with starlight. Add a tiny amount (start with only 1/16 teaspoon or a pinch or two) to wine, tea, or water and marvel at the swirling sparkle. Try transforming a wish into a promise by speaking it while stirring your libation in a clockwise direction.

You receive a 4 gram jar of teal-colored Brew Glitter.  Brew Glitter is an edible glitter that is vegan, gluten free, nut free, GMO free, Kosher certified, Halal certified, and made using only FDA compliant ingredients.  It is tasteless and textureless.  Note that the blue color of the glitter will transfer to your beverage.  This means that a glass of yellow apple juice will turn an emerald green over time.

Glittering Remnants was featured in the Moonwell Box (September 2022).

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Customer Reviews

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Loved this!

Reviewer avatar
Creel U.
Sparkling Gaterade?

I was sceptical at first. Milky coffee didn't work so well. But oh my gosh, Frost Gaterade and glitter is the bomb!


I added some glittering remnants to my white wine cocktail, and it was so beautiful! I felt like I was drinking a happiness potion!

Haileyana G.
Sparkle Obsessed!

You had me at glitter. I love turning my boring drinks into brews and potions✨