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Freshwater Moss

Freshwater Moss

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In some spots, the Lake resembles a glass paperweight. Its underwater flora is temporarily still. The Elder Turtle gives you a small sample of the Lake's moss and supplies for its habitat so that you can examine it more closely. Rinse the stones before adding them to the vial and provide the moss with dechlorinated or spring water.

Your planted jar kit includes:  java moss; a jar to plant it in; pebbles, sea glass, and shells to decorate the jar; and a stick tool to help arrange it all.

Please note:  Unpack your moss as soon as it arrives.  Java moss is relatively resistant to both cold and heat, but it should be removed from the dark packaging and kept in a bowl of water until you are ready to assemble your kit.  Some brown segments on the moss are normal, especially after a cold, dark trip through the mail.  Any soft black bits should be trimmed away before assembling your jar.  If your moss has significant soft black spots, it may have spent too long in freezing temperatures; please reach out so we can send a replacement.  

Assembling Your Kit

Rinse pebbles, shells, and glass before adding them to the jar.  Add your chosen decorations to the jar and then fill with spring water or dechlorinated water.  Trim away any soft black bits from your java moss.  Use the included stick tool to arrange all components within your jar.

Caring for Your Planted Jar

Java moss is both beautiful and hardy.  Keep your planted jar in a spot where it can receive some dappled light, but not in direct sunlight.  Your moss will brighten and grow greener over time.  Change the water in the jar once every two months, or if it grows murky.

Mossy Planted Jar was featured in the Frozen Lake Box (February 2022).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Love it!

When I originally purchased the freshwater moss, it never arrived (no fault of the company). When I let them know what happened, they immediately shipped out a new package. It arrived in wonderful shape! I absolutely love it. I took it to work and it is perfect on my desk! Will definitely order from this company in the future! Beautiful products and amazing customer service!

Christian M.

Love the freshwater moss. So calming to look at.

Kristen M.

My lake moss garden arrived a few days ago , with the moss In perfect health and with a delightful assortment of shells and colorful beach glass to decorate it with . I’ve placed it on my living room windowsill where I can appreciate the sunlight shining through and the verdant green . It’s a perfect a antidote to the dreary grey cold of winter.

Shawn H.

Very cute, just wish it came with a little note on how to care for it

Kim S.
Moss in a glass bottle

Loved putting this together!!