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Floral Ice Supplies

Floral Ice Supplies

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You find a packet of colorful dried flowers and an ice tray. Floral ice is a Summer Cottage tradition, and it is typically served with cold drinks in the afternoon. Remember to raise a glass to honor the spirits.

You will receive one ice cube tray and a packet of edible dried flowers. Flowers include pansies, roses, globe amaranth, calendula, and cornflower. Trays measure about 4.5"x2.75". Colors vary.

Making Floral Ice:

  • Fill your ice tray halfway with water. Submerge dried flowers in the water and freeze.
  • After the first layer is completely frozen, fill the remainder of the tray with water. Return the tray to the freezer to complete the freezing process.
  • Try fresh foraged items of your choosing, such as herbs or wildflowers like clover or dandelion. (Always wash fresh plants, and ensure they’re edible)
  • For the clearest ice, begin with distilled water. Boil it for 10 minutes and allow it to cool slightly before adding it to the ice tray

Floral Ice Supplies were featured in the Summer Cottage Box (June 2024).

Glass and "Lucinda's Scrapbook" pictured in photos are not included.

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Katie K.
Magic on a hit day!

It’s 96F today and I need the ice flower charms in my glass!