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Flight of Honeys

Flight of Honeys

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In addition to pollinating the fields and forests, some Bees also create honey. They produce it in an infinite variety of colors, tastes, and scents, predicated mostly upon the types of flowers they visit. Explore and contrast three different honeys:

  • Blackberry: lightest in color, with a subtle berry taste
  • Wildflower: medium color, with variations created by different combinations of flowers
  • Buckwheat: darkest in color, strongest and spiciest in flavor

In Birdmoss, blackberry and buckwheat are leveraged for prosperity. Random and fortuitous wildflower combinations are associated with lucky outcomes.

This tasting flight includes three sealed sticks of honey, each containing about 5 grams.

Flight of Honeys was featured in the Bees Box (April 2022).

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah A.
A 5 Star Sweet Treat!

Delicious! I love honey and use it in my tea and coffee but I couldn’t resist simply enjoying each honey stick by itself and savoring the unique and flavorful honey.