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Cocktail Infusion Kit - The Dictionary

Cocktail Infusion Kit - The Dictionary

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The Owls suggest that you might like to visit the Reading Room, a place where the most important scholarship is undertaken. They lead you downstairs to a heavy door, and strike it twice. When the door swings open, you are surprised by the sounds of laughter, music, and clinking barware. The Owls chuckle at your surprise that the Reading Room is, in fact, a speakeasy. They pass you an amethyst-colored drink called "The Dictionary."

The Dictionary Cocktail Infusion Kit includes everything you need to recreate your evening with the Owls.  To enjoy, combine contents of pouch with 8 ounces (1 cup) of vodka or the spirit of your choice in a covered jar.  Refrigerate for 3-10 days, then shake and strain.  Serve over ice or lightened with sparkling water.  Makes 4+ cocktails.

Other variations:

  • The Primer (non-alcoholic option):  Brew pouch contents with hot water to create a flavorful refresher.  Add black or green tea before brewing for additional body.  Enjoy hot or cold.
  • The Leatherbound Dictionary:  Combine contents of pouch with 8 ounces of bourbon.
  • El Diccionario:  Combine contents of pouch with 8 ounces of tequila, then serve the infusion with lemonade.
  • The Paige-Turner:  Inspired by Birdmoss Box subscriber Paige.  Serve the Dictionary topped up with ginger beer to create a spicy lowball.
  • The Epilogue:  After straining the infusion, serve the macerated blueberries over vanilla ice cream for a sophisticated dessert.

Ingredients:  dried blueberries, dried lemon, cane sugar, dried ginger.

This cocktail infusion kit was featured in the Owls Box (September 2021).

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Customer Reviews

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Had to share the joy!

Loved the book theme of this infusion and that were multiple ways to prepare! I had to buy extras to send my bookish friends!