Candle Carousel - Foxes and Stars
Candle Carousel - Foxes and Stars

Candle Carousel - Foxes and Stars

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Four intricate Foxes and silvery stars adorn this whimsical carousel.  Powered by a votive candle, the Foxes take flight, running through the starry evening.  This simple mechanism evokes feelings of wonder and nostalgia.  It's a breathtaking gift for anyone who craves a little magic.

The easy-to-assemble carousel set includes four hand-painted wooden Foxes with stars, their hangers, the spinning attachment, and glass votive holder.  When assembled, it stands about 7 inches high.  Candle not included.  This heirloom-quality spinning carousel is made in England, in Lily's studio overlooking her bird feeders.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Absolutely beautiful!

Actually purchased this for myself. Beautifully gift-boxed! I couldn't be happier with this little charmer. Had to use it right away. Definitely will purchase for friends. 10 stars!

Diane K.

Was very excited to get- pieces look great! BUT the fox pieces holes aren’t
Quite big enough for the hook piece
To hook on? Am trying to figure out
How to make them fit so can’t use
Until I do!!??

Lesley P.

Thank You received in good condition and on time. Very pretty tiny enchanting little thing keep it away from the cat .


This is such a beautiful and adorable piece. I have yet to put a candle in it, but I did put it all together and spun it with my fingers. So lovely!

Tina A.

Swift shy clever foxes leaping over dainty stars. This little carousel brings magic right to my bedside table.