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Bee Revival Kit

Bee Revival Kit

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In the Meadows, the Bees are surrounded by plentiful flowers full of nectar. However, one Bee, buffeted by the wind, has become stranded on a sandy beach. Dream to the Far Shore to offer her sustenance.

Your Bee Revival Kit features a strong aluminum case on a custom stamped keyring.  Inside the case is a refillable bottle of bee food syrup, capped with a natural cork featuring the image of a bee.  The accompanying literature is printed on 100% recycled fibers and the kit is enclosed in a compostable pouch.

Bee Revival Kit was featured in the Bees Box (April 2022).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Save the Bees!

I adore that the Bees Box featured this! It is now attached to my keys, waiting for the chance to help out a tired bee.

Kendall W.
Helping our bee friends

I haven’t had the pleasure of helping any bee friends that are thirsty, but I’ll definitely be prepared. This keychain is very cute and durable, I even dropped it from off my bag and it opened up. So occasionally I’ll make sure the keychain is closed up so I don’t accidentally lose it. But it is definitely durable because it didn’t break when it fell. I’m still keeping an eye out for any bee friends in need.

So cute!

I really love this little bee revival kit.

Saving the bees!

I’m not sure I’ve ever been as touched by a gift as I was this one. I have not used it yet, but I cherish the thought that I might someday help a tired bee make it’s way home. It’s these tiny bits of magic that make life meaningful and at a time when I am struggling to find comfort in a hard world, it’s actually very big magic. This is a genius gift and I love it so much.