Collection: June 2023: The Hedgehogs

In June 2023, subscribers met the Hedgehogs.

At a young age, the Hedgehogs leave their mothers, heading into the moonlit Forest to create their own nests and routines. However, they remain connected with their families, and with other members of their ecosystem, by communing with the Current.

The Current is the inevitable flow of air, weather, and events. It is invisible to most creatures, but the Hedgehogs have learned to perceive it, perhaps to help compensate for their poor eyesight. The surface area of their many quills allows them to feel the slightest gusts. Minute particles encapsulate emotions, intentions, and fragrances; the Current carries those particles from one end of Birdmoss to the other.

The Hedgehogs’ unwritten language has a phrase which implies “feeding” but also “speaking to.” They anoint their quills with aromatic food and earth, exuding scents to nourish the Current. In turn, the Current feeds the Hedgehogs
glimpses of the larger biome: wind patterns, gathering clouds, and growth.

The Hedgehogs Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; hints and additions to expand the story; a mysterious document; and a lore card.  

Birdmoss Hedgehogs Box