Collection: April: The Feathered Witch

In April 2024, subscribers met the Feathered Witch.

The stories say she is an Owl; or a Crow; or something else. If she has a name, it has been forgotten, so she is called the Feathered Witch. The few who have met her say that she is very tall. Her feathers are mostly blue-black, with a few bright white ones highlighting the ridge of each wing. In some moments, her plumage appears to ripple into dark hair. She can run across the sea without wetting her feet.

Her hut is sheltered by oak trees, with a thatched roof which recalls a nest. Inside, it is crowded with cabinets and baskets. Surfaces are covered with scraps of paper (recipes, lists, hasty sketches), abandoned cups of tea, ingredients for medicine, and half-finished projects. Sprawled on the pages of an open book, a bright green Lizard basks in the sunshine. Spiders and Beetles scurry in the corners.

The hut is always left unlocked, just in case a wandering Ranger needs shelter in the night; but an oily thumbprint upon the door and window shows that the Witch has protected every entrance.

The Feathered Witch Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; hints and additions to expand the story; a mysterious document; and a lore card.  

April: The Feathered Witch