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This limited event brings all sorts of curiosities to light: prototypes of items which were developed for the Birdmoss Box; treasures I loved but that I couldn't source in large quantities; and some misfits such as stones that were too large or too small. As I've hoarded these bibelots, I've imagined holding an event to share them with you while also providing some glimpses of the process behind the Birdmoss Box. Keep in mind that many of the bits and bobs in this sale have minor flaws. They're still enchanting!

Previous Misfits and Oddments Events have sold out within a few hours.  The next one will be even bigger and more magical.  Sign up to be the first to explore all of the curiosities.

It begins within the next two weeks, but the exact launch time is a secret. 


What's inside a Birdmoss Box?  Treasures like:

tiny moss terrariums
raw gemstones
lockets with hidden messages
protective charms
a connection with the trees
elegant glass pens
luminous mushrooms
tokens from crows


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