September 2021 - The Owls


In September, subscribers met the Owls. The Owls invite you to visit their Library, where a small silver book tells your story.

    The Owls instruct you to survey the Library:

    Imagine silvery strands,
    a disheveled web,
    stretching from book to book,
    glinting across shelves.
    Connections weave through the air
    and when you learn to trace them,
    patterns emerge:
    The spiral of a staircase, a fern, a shell;
    The numbering of bones, eggs, petals.

    Like finding the flash in a stone,
    You see patterns.

     The Owls Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; plus a mysterious document and a lore card. 

    Some items are available for individual purchase.

    • Mysterious Document
      • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret secrets and puzzles. Printed on an unusual velvety, textured paper, it is available only in the Cave Box.
    • Lore Card
      • The Owls introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.  The artwork for this month's lore card was created by Joanna Rzepecka, a Warsaw, Poland-based illustrator. She says, "My work is inspired by biodiversity, mainly animals. Through my work, I'm trying to capture moments where nature is untouched by humans. Peaceful scenery, colors, and rough textures are some things that I enjoy the most."
      • Quickened Candle
        •  The Owls invite you into their library. Because of their formal demeanor, you expect a grand institution. Instead, you discover a cozy and slightly disorganized archive, lit by candles and hurricane lamps. The air in the Library carries its own unique scent: a combination of old books, fruits, and spices. You receive a candle studded with cloves, orange peel, and red jasper. The Owls favor this combination to comfort and relieve concerns, especially in the early Autumn.
      • Stones of Tree Connection
        • One of the archivists explains that this Library is unique, in that it is dedicated to the study and documentation of patterns and connections. The connections among beings and elements are, by their nature, often multifarious and tangled. However, seeing and creating them can be a simple kind of work. She gives you two paired stones that have been quickened with earth. Gift one stone to a Tree in your world, placing it at the roots or in a crevice while explaining your desire for friendship. Keep the other stone yourself. Because the stones are paired, you will share a special connection with the Tree going forward.
        • Cocktail Infusion Kit
          • The Owls suggest that you might like to visit the Reading Room, a place where the most important scholarship is undertaken. They lead you downstairs to a heavy door, and strike it twice. When the door swings open, you are surprised by the sounds of laughter, music, and clinking barware. The Owls chuckle at your surprise that the Reading Room is, in fact, a speakeasy. They pass you an amethyst-colored drink called "The Dictionary."
          • Portrait of an Owl Sticker
            • Owls are usually solitary creatures, but tonight they're enjoying each other's company and conversation. Two are engaged in a heated debate about tree rings. A small group is playing some kind of dice game. One is telling stories, drawing sketches to illustrate them as she goes. She insists that you accept one of her illustrations. Display it on a personal effect such as your phone, a notebook, or a water bottle to remember your time with the Owls.
            • Small Silver Book
              • Later in the evening, the archivist turns more reflective and serious. She presents you with a tiny silver book. She pictures a thin filament stretching between the book and you. The story it tells is yours.