Phone Wallpaper - The Forest

Hello, Dreamer!

As a Birdmoss subscriber, you will embark on a journey with many surprises along the way, becoming part of the mysterious narrative that unfolds month after month.  Don't miss your part of the story.

Carry a little bit of the beautiful world of Birdmoss with you with this free wallpaper/lock screen for your phone.  Sunshine filters through the forest canopy, illuminating the steps ahead. 

Click the image below to open the full-sized file and download it to your phone, then set it as your wallpaper or lock screen.



To install on iPhones:

  1. Click on the image above to open it in full-size format.
  2. Click the "Share" icon (the box with an arrow pointing up).
  3. Scroll down and click "Save Image" (a box with an arrow pointing down). 
  4. Open your Photos/Camera Roll.
  5. Click the image.
  6. Click the "Share" icon (the box with the arrow pointing up).
  7. Scroll down and click "Use as Wallpaper."  Choose "Set."  You will be able to choose to use the image as your new wallpaper and/or lock screen.
  8. Enjoy!