May 2021 - The Foxes

In May, subscribers met the Foxes.  

The Foxes practice a unique herbal alchemy which will enrich your Dreaming and your self-care. 

    Just as you feel the pull of gravity and know without hesitation that down is down, the Foxes are certain that north is north. As a Vixen surveys the landscape, she scans for a silvery marker in her mind's eye. That shining spot unerringly pinpoints magnetic north. This innate ability to trace unseen lines; as well as alchemical knowledge accumulated through generations, permit the Foxes to guide travel along Old Roads. The Foxes envision the space between beginning and completing a journey. Their bundles and vials offer protection in all liminal passages. A skillfully quickened oil can ensure that a Dreamer can resume an interrupted Dream.

    Under the guidance of Foxes, the Dreamer can move with a graceful, toe-walking tread; with absolute assurance in direction; and with a focus that is impervious to disruptions.


    The Foxes Box includes 5 beautiful objects, plus an additional gift offered to some subscribers; plus a mysterious document and a lore card. The contents of one object have never seen the light of day. When you bring them out of the dark, you activate a transformation.

    Some items are available for individual purchase.

    • Mysterious Document
      • This instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret secrets and puzzles.  Printed on an unusual velvety, textured paper, this document is available only in the Foxes Box.
    Contents of the Foxes Box
    • Lore Card
      • The Foxes are introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.
    Lore Card
      • Wish Charm
        • Dandelions are a staple ingredient for the Foxes' herbal alchemy. Although the plants are plentiful, every part of them is valued; the Foxes have myriad uses for the roots, leaves, and blooms. Dandelion plants are used to aerate and prepare growing beds for other plants. The Foxes call the dandelion pappus a "wish" and this is their wish for you: that you will always find the next right step in your journey. Although a dandelion seed seems to waft aimlessly, it always ends up where it needs to go.
      Dandelion Wish Charm
        • Quickened Vial
          • The Foxes prepared this vial for you. They use red jasper and carnelian to increase connection with the moment and personal passion. If you’ve been going through the motions in your days or feeling numb or slow, the Foxes prescribe these stones. The Foxes use orange oil to promote clarity and chamomile oil to encourage vivid Dreaming. Inhale the scent of oranges, and feel your senses heighten.
        Quickened Vial
          • Butterfly Pea Flower Tisane
            • The Foxes value these flowers for diverse purposes: as a mild but nourishing tea; as a natural dye for cloth and yarn; as a way to infuse color into other food and drink; and as a method to quicken a bath of warm water. But the most compelling quality of this tisane is its ability to transform when mixed with other liquids, particularly acidic ones. Try adding a squeeze of lime to your glass.  (The original subscription box included a lime to activate the transformation.  Future one-time box purchases do not.)
          Butterfly Pea Flower
            • Photogram Kit
              • The contents of this envelope have never seen the light of day. When you bring them out of the dark, you activate a transformation. The Foxes use this photogram process to create botanical journals to hand down their alchemical knowledge. Each book is one of a kind. Because the blue of the cyanotype resembles a tisane they make from butterfly pea flowers, they refer to the process as "tea printing."
            Photogram Kit
              • Pathing Bundle
                • Quicken this bundle by adding a pebble from your path. The Foxes have prepared this bundle of lavender to facilitate pathfinding. It may even provide you with a hint about a question you've been pondering. Place it under your pillow when you are ready to Dream your path.
              Pathing Bundle
                • Seed Paper Token
                  • Write a wish on this token and then plant it under 1/4" of fertile soil in a pot in warm sunshine. Water regularly. As the seeds transform into sprouts, you will discover the next steps toward the realization of your wish. 
                Seed Paper Fox