June 2021 - The Sea

In June, subscribers met the Sea and dreamed of sky, tides, and salt.  They received the tools to fulfill a prophecy.

    All relationships with the Sea begin at the shore. In Birdmoss, this is enough. The water laps at the land as if kneading a dough, folding over and then under. Standing at the water’s edge, you are surrounded by delicate gestures. The caressing movements of foam; the unsteadiness of standing in the sand and feeling it pour away under your feet in a slurry; the astringent brine, the stunning light, the ripple of heat: these only hint at the thrash and boom of waves, of unknown drops below the water’s depths, of hardships on the open water.

    The Sea segments Birdmoss. The boats that carry goods from one shore to the other pace along the Sea’s perimeter nervously, taking the long way around. They always maintain sight of the land and avoid the dark, roiling, unmapped depths. Only the Fisher Crows cross the main body of water, surfing on updrafts, confidently drawing a line to the far shore.


    The Sea Box includes 6 beautiful objects; plus two mysterious documents and a lore card. 

    Some items are available for individual purchase.

    • Mysterious Documents
      • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret secrets and puzzles. A second document furthers your story. Printed on an unusual velvety, textured paper, they are available only in the Sea Box.
    • Lore Card
      • The Sea is introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.
      • A Shell from the Distant Shore
        • Because the boats always travel within sight of the land, it can take a long time to reach the distant shore. A Fisher Crow has brought back a shell from the other side. Quicken it with a little salt and place beside or under your bed to Dream across the water. Contemplate its shimmering patterns to deepen your relationship with the Sea.
        • Ritual Salt
          • This sparkling red salt is a powerful purifier and activator. Use it to quicken your shell to guide you to the far shore. Pour a small amount into a dish (or shell) and place in your bedroom to clear the ether in your dreamspace. Your salt can also be used for various daily practices, or even in important meals.
          • Lunar Phase Mark
            • Adorn yourself with this mark to connect with the moon and the tides. You can place it on your forearm, wrist, spine, or any other energetic point. The mark will pull you to the tide on the right night. Your senses of natural rhythms and intuition will be heightened for the duration of the mark.
            • Sea Glass and Locket
              • The last thing the Mnemonist contemplated before entering the Tower was a tide pool, glinting like a bowl of gems in the sunlight. She memorized every detail of that moment: the smell of salt; the browns and greens in the pool; the sound of lapping waves. Perhaps some faint impression remains. Recreate the tide pool with this sea glass. Rearrange it in the locket. You'll know when it's right. Your connection with her final memory will help you enter the tower.
              • Invocation Paper
                • The Mnemonist has no home, memories, or name. To leave the Tower, she needs something of her own. You will give her a name and this paper will bind it to her. Write her new name on a sheet of the paper; shape the paper into a small chimney, and set it alight. Her new name will fly to reach her. You can also use this paper for wishes, blessings, and other rituals.
                • Wooden Matches
                  • Naming the Mnemonist requires the purest flame. The Fire Tender has sent you this elegant jar of matches which light quickly and burn brightly. They are also well-suited to lighting quickened candles.