July 2021 - The Crows


In July, subscribers met the Crows.  The Crows determine your entitlements of travel within Birdmoss. Explore with them and regain your inspiration.

    The Crows monitor all entry points to Birdmoss. They determine the entitlements of travel for all outsiders. Using old concealments, they ensure that all portals are undiscoverable, so that only the invited may cross Birdmoss’s thresholds. Always vigilant, they patrol vast distances. They often
    fly for weeks at a time, coasting on updrafts, sleeping only in a liminal state close to waking.

    They may be the only creatures from Birdmoss who have visited the other world; and they enter it not by Dreaming, but by flying. Only they know the spots where the two skies knit together.

    The Crows allow some Dreamers to make repetitive, ghostly rounds: moving along a predetermined path, unable to touch, grasp, or speak above a whisper. A few are permitted to explore at will, stepping off the trail; even given weight so that twigs snap under their steps.


    The Crows Box includes an abundance of beautiful objects; plus a mysterious document and a lore card. 

    Some items are available for individual purchase.

    • Mysterious Document
      • An instructional document is augmented with marginalia which will help you interpret secrets and puzzles. Printed on an unusual velvety, textured paper, it is available only in the Crows Box.
    • Lore Card
      • The Crows are introduced in a full-color collectible 4x6 inch lore card.
    Crows Card
      • Smoky Scarlet Tea
        • This vibrant reddish tea is an invitation to fly with the Crows. The often-spartan Crows carry it on their patrols and journeys as a restorative indulgence. It takes on the smoky notes of their signal fires and encampments. Brew a cup (or place a spoonful of the leaves in a bowl or shell next to your bed) to Dream to the Crows' meeting point. The Crows determine your entitlements of travel within Birdmoss, and they now allow you to fly as they do -- at least when in their company.

      • Glass Dip Pen With Ink and Paper
        • The Crows are the only creatures who fully understand the shape of the Birdmoss landscape. They ask that you observe the Forest carefully during your flight, then document it. Receive the inspiration which has been waiting for you. This sparkling pen grows warm in your hand. Your transcription can be a map, a drawing, or a poem. It will augment the oral history that is shared from generation to generation.  The Crows usually travel light, but they have also brought you a small vial of ink and a (slightly crumpled) piece of paper for your task.
        • Ornate Brass Hook Bookmark
          • The Crows create simple, elegant tools such as hooks and probes to aid them in their work. Your brass hook-style bookmark is a more ornate version of those tools. Slide the hook between the pages of a book to mark your spot. Or, use it to quicken a volume of recipes or affirmations.
          • Signal from the Crows
            • The Crows have sent you a Signal. It was chosen with you in mind and enclosed in a silvery envelope. A single word can give you insight into your current position; and inspiration as you embark upon future adventures. Contemplate it and draw upon the Crows' wisdom.
            • Shining Token
              • The Scarred Crow collected this coin during a visit to your world almost twenty-five years ago. Knowing that a tiny acorn can signify so much, she drops this token in your path. It will strengthen you in unfamiliar places and situations.