Enter to Win a Birdmoss Box

Enter to win a Birdmoss Box, plus get sneak peeks at the next box.
Your story is about to begin.
Your dreams have been changing.
They transport you to a land ruled by natural and magical forces.
Your arrival was foretold.
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The Birdmoss Box is an immersive fairy tale told through mysterious documents, poems and prose, and a monthly box of sensory delights.  Enter our giveaway to win a box of your own!
 Birdmoss Box 

Curious about the Birdmoss Box?  Subscribers say that it's "like getting a daydream in the mail." With each box, you will receive works of art and self-care rituals that engage all the senses to create an immersive magical experience. Think of it as a package from a friend who cherishes your delightful heart and spirit.  Learn more.

every month is a surprise