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The Goblins are setting up their market stalls in Birdmoss.  The woodworkers, metalsmiths, and bookbinders have been working all year to prepare for the festival and their caravans are overflowing with fascinating wares.

This limited event brings all sorts of curiosities into the lamplight: 

  • Never-before-seen treasures
  • Long-awaited restocks
  • Limited-edition surprises

If you've participated in a Birdmoss event before, you know that many of our handmade and limited-edition products sell out within the first few hours.  Sign up to be the first to explore all of the enchanting gifts.

The Goblin Market begins within the next two weeks, but the exact launch time is a secret. 


The Goblin Market Event

What's inside a Birdmoss Box?  Treasures like:

tiny moss terrariums
raw gemstones
lockets with hidden messages
protective charms
a connection with the trees
elegant glass pens
luminous mushrooms
tokens from crows


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