Escape to Birdmoss

The Birdmoss Box is inspired by the feeling of reading your favorite book and being drawn into its world.  But Birdmoss comes to life not only through words, but through your senses.  Every month you’ll receive a collection of objects that allow you to touch, feel, smell, and taste this magical world.  

What is the Birdmoss Box?

The Birdmoss Box is a monthly subscription service.

What’s in the box?

Every box is a surprise so that you can delight in the unexpected.  Every month you’ll be introduced to an aspect of Birdmoss lore.  You’ll receive 3-5 artifacts to engage with.  You’ll touch, feel, smell, and taste this magical world. Take a look at previous boxes.

Really – what’s in the box?

The artifacts may include objects you can wear, use, or display; experiences such as baths and teas; or art and rituals for you to create.  Every month will be a curated surprise.

How much does it cost?

The Birdmoss Box subscription is $29.99 per month, plus $7 shipping.  Subscribe by the 15th to receive that month's box.  Your box will ship by the 25th.